Dcity can be used to support multiple tokens.

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Frankly speaking Dcity keeps surprising me for all the innovative/marketing concepts that they had embedded in the game.

When I joined I used to think that SIM is the native currency of this game and only mode of the payment in this game is SIM and Hive/swap.hive only. This is true for buying the cards from the game account but when you jump into market (player to player trade) then you will be surprise to see all the option that exist.

Players have put trades on their favorite Hive-Engine token like DEC,BEER,STARBITS ,ARCHON,LEO,NEXOAG,SPI and WEED etc. apart from the SIM and SWAP.HIVE. This really look amazing as it is allowing selling player to decide what currency that selling player wants.
I really wish splinterland allowed us to decide whether we want "Y" amount of Hive or "Z" amount of "HBD" or "A" amount of DEC instead of listing the card in USD value and getting surprise once card sold due to volatility of DEC.

Another thing I liked in the game that it allow you get payment of HE token if you have a specific building in the game like WEED farm give you the WEED token.Brewery gives you the BEER token and casino gives you GAMER tokens.

First I am little skeptical about it and I just purchased Weed farm and interestingly it is really giving me some little WEED along with SIM income of the card. I am thinking of starting few more weed farm to see if it increase the income of weed.

This really sound interesting to me and giving shoutout to @khaleelkazi,@jongolson and @nulledgh0st for thinking to start some kind of miner in the Dcity for their native tokens.

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Is there a referral code you have?

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You can play at https://dcity.io/

Referral code is not created in game because game creator feared that it can be abused.

I sometimes help new users with a bonus card.
you can pm me on discord: city-hodler#0024

Interesting for sure...I started buying Dcity cards on day one..>Still have no idea what I'm doing...

Pretty much goes for all blockchain based games...But hey as soon as Call of Duty is on the chain, I'll know what I'm doing LOLOL

BEER, WEED, STEM, and CCC tokens are already there. It would be great if we could see CTP tokens on dCity.

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It can give nice visibility to CTP token as I think Dcity has at least more than 300+ active player and it's player base is expected to grow in future too.

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Thanks for sharing this - there has actually been an increasing amount of interest in our Discord about adding $HUSTLER tokens to the game - through perhaps like an "incubator" or "office building" card or something.

We have to talk to @gerber and gain approval - the big thing has been for us to demonstrate our token has use/value, which we've been 110% focused on doing so.

So hopefully we can get added soon! We shall see 😁

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Nice, that you already spotted the opportunity in Dcity.

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This is amazing! The possibility of having several tokens in the game is impressive.

Can you give me a hint on how many HIVE it will take to start at least decently in the game?

I have no intention of investing "hard" to reach the first 200 players but if there is a possibility of obtaining some passive income with the tokens I am very interested.

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I started with 100 Hive, traded my few cards to get some optimized deck for me. Then purchase cards worth of 20 Hive. Currently it is giving me 70+ SIM income daily that is more than .3 Hive (Much better than any curation rewards.) My city is in top 400 .Since Dcity started paying Hive to top 300 so there is also competition for top 300.

I will suggest to join discord, and observe few cities in game before making a decision.

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Thank you! You helped me a lot to understand the investment part of the game more.

I already imagined that to start "well" I should have to spend a good amount of HIVE, but with your help it became clearer to understand.

The cool thing about being able to promote the cards is exactly the return we received and 0.3 HIVE is an excellent daily gain. Congratulations!

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Dcity is nice game but it is better to have couple of hundreds of Hive to see some returns. Player buy cards like crazy and keep increasing their account.

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It gets so confusing when you list in H-E coins. But it could be interesting if more people did it

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I keep juggling between leo market and dcity market to find the cheap deal.

I just wish that Dcity has created some nice market interface . Why show all 400 card to buyer that have same price.

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When we have any tokens, if there are some use cases, not just buying and selling, it impacts that tokens as well as the ecosystem positively. It is fascinating to see how dCity creates that for Hive Engine tokens. I made a post on SportsTalkSocial about considering SPORTS tokens to add on dCity.

Pretty excited to see what will come up on dCity!

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Usecase and tokenomics will be always needed for token growth but put in some external site will give you publicity.

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Yeah a beery and so much fun project.

Did you as well read about the @homeless-city project?

Oh! yes . I come to know about it while I was in dcity Discord.
Kudos to you and contributors for running a charitable project in Hive.