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RE: Venture Capitalism to be Antiquated

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@chekohler could you please paraphrase for me?

MY HEAD JUST GOT BLOWN OUT after reading all that was written above, I think I need to stand from my chair and get a lot of water.

I seriously need to study more business and finance... and oh not spend too much time in the kitchen ha 😁


LOL why not turn your time in the kitchen into a business? Create meal plans, sell them as eBooks, do cooking courses and training and sell them online, there's so much you can do and all on your own time

Venture capital is just a fancy word for looking for early-stage businesses you can give money and when they get big you cash out, think of the first people who invested in Facebook, for example, they made a fat profit by selling their shares each time others wanted to get in.

But where do these guys get the money to invest in these companies? Through central bank printing so everytime a cool thing is created they already own a piece of that and control it, and its the same people recycling the money. But with a Bitcion standard and open source code anyone can use, you can't just buy up companies and sell them on later. You can't make a bad idea good with enough money the way they do now.

You actually have to make a business that has to be profitable or people will dump their tokens or pull out their Bitcoin and leave your business immediately.