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RE: Making Money From Dead People - #FamilyHistoryUpdate

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This is a very cool idea, the complexity of the flow of your site seems to be good...I mean it sounds like your trying to make sure that you can move around with-in 3 clicks of the mouse from any where to any where, just make sure that you can always go home or return within those same 3 clicks.

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Thank for the feedback. I want it to be easy for people to read through the information on a page and still get to related stories quickly. I might look at adding a return to the main page link on all pages that don't already link there. It shouldn't look that bad to have two links side-by-side, one to the previous page and the other to the main page.

I am wondering if I should make most of what is currently the main page (the explanation on how the numbering system works) into a separate page that people can go to only when they need the information so it doesn't clutter up the page. That way the main page becomes a jumping off point with easy-to-find information.

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That's a very good idea actually, like a FAQ page should do the trick for sure.