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Now you got to see this to believe it.
Wleo did not wait a minute to show his love in uniswap.
When you know you have it good you play the game the way it should be.
Having #wleo is a blessing for leofinance. Just like that the community is growing
where everyone is coming BACK and post.

#ether is making a bold move to reach its ATH.
Having #wleo all over Ether, it causes the token to mature and
grow. 50 cents should be really close. How beneficial this situation
is for all Lions involved.
Glad to see Leofinance saw a need and get it fulfill.

If you had Wleo, great choice and now you are being rewarded.
I have read many lions say they will hold their leo.
You have too cause the rally just begun.
The airdrop is about to change everything for this community.
Earlier I was looking for the leo tekonomics and it is back with lower
numbers to whoa everyone.
I am watching it everyday.

|Staked------ |liquid--------|liquid pool|

|78.56%------|2.20% ------ |19.23%|


This is a match made in the crypto sphere where you see
how awesome leo is growing everyday.
I keep saying that till I see a change.
Hive should emulate this from this community.
I know the mindset is not the same but it is winning.

Maybe leo can find a way to flush as much Hive as possible.
Somehow this blockchain needs to wake up and follow the leaders.
So far it is very promissing to own leo and be part of this love affair.
I think the growth has more than the airdrop.
Be on the lookout cause it is about to make a move again.
Keep stackin satoshis.

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Leo is indeed doing a great job... and while I'm not a cheerleader for HIVE it's different. It's a base layer. Kinda how ETH is a base layer for ERC-20 tokens. LEO would he a token. Really more front ends need to emulate LEO.. that would bring the price of HIVE up

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This is something that could bring
elevation for Hive.
Leo has a trending community
looking to take advantage
of ether situation.
Hive ???

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Somehow this blockchain needs to wake up and follow the leaders.

I think, some whales should see this.

Eventually Hive has to do something
to revive its base.
2021 is another dot in this page and move forward.

The love is real :)

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This affair is about to
enter the honeymoon phase.
Ether growth is the right
complement to #wleo.

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I am loving WLEO performance and the effect on Leo price.

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