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It is really hard to answer that question right now.
Are we drifting one way now?
Definitely 2020 has started something that open our eyes for the best.
I was thinking for a while $20k/btc and the price will linger for the most part
of 2021 and bubble down.
Apparently we all can just watch and give point of view.
One thing I can tell you, only a few will take the chance to sell their bitcoin.

I read earlier it is good to shave a little bit and take profit.
Right now whatever move you take, you risk it just on you.
With crypto it is not an investment advice.
You sell now and take profit, you should be happy. It was a long ride.
Bitcoin could blast to $50k in no time, betcha you will drive yourself insane.

In the same token, bitcoin drops down, I do not think most folks do care about that part.
Investment is a risk knowing you can lose everything.
But we all know bitcoin is the balance of the financial debacle we are all witness.
Anyone jumping in crypto bandwagon knows that very well.
So far let us admire this bull ride.
It seems so alive right now.

On the other side, Litecoin and Ethereum are the most prominent altcoins running
with bitcoin.
Compare to bitcoin, they are still accessible to a limit. I have read great stuff
about litecoin. IF LTC reaches $300, the conversation will escalate quickly.
Ehtereum through change of consensus will enable a different charateristic that will
propel its value. Proof of stake got some good for the world.

Lately it could be hard to keep up with bitcoin price.
As long it is positive, the status quo is beneficial for the crypto sphere.
Weird thing about bitcoin, it goes up most altcoins stays confuse and move sideways.
Bitcoin goes down, they all tend to go down. losing their wings and everything.

Every second counts, a community token will weather the storm a lot better.
We need bitcoin rally to tag alone.
Now seeing bitcoin pulling its weigh every where, I begin to understand the rapport
it will have down the line with each entity and government.
Hopefully they embrace it and use it to maintenance the balance.
I ask the question for December 31st, 2020.
I should add 365 days and see if the answer will be even close.
Hey keep stacking satoshis.

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$30,000 by the end of the year.
I am betting on LTC for a strong price performance as it is my main holding, but for now, alts are lagging behind a lot.

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Happy are the ones who believe in crypto. Good call. Litecoin tends to follow bitcoin really close. Fast and light for a reason.
Still affordable for thé time being.

I think we hit 100K and potentially even much higher in 2021 due to the virus and the economy starting to break down under all the lockdowns.

Potentially this could be the case. Indecision propels bitcoin.
Instead of waiting bitcoin is the answer.

I agree that while many are tempted to take profits, the prospect of Bitcoin going even higher has most entranced and waiting.

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Definitely could be too early for profit when big pockets are grabbing everything off the market.
You never know

I have no idea how much BTC will be valued in a year. It has garnered a lot of interest from different groups including the wealthy ones 😇

Well i'll have di say 28 to 30k by december 2020 31st. Like you said, everyone is entitled to have a particular strategy. Whether its to wait for the long-term or sell and take little profits by the way. Nevertheless we might just see the real bull in 2021.

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It if doesn't deviate from its current path, it will most likely cross 31k by the end of this year.