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We are so busy looking at other things in the sphere, you may not witness #USDT to jump
in third place in value. A stable coin is coming to the rescue of many. I always wonder
what is the true value of stable coins? I mean you do not earn since they are pegged to
a fiat currency. At the end of the day, my mindset changes and see something important
in stable coins.

I have used other stable coins to ease transfer from altcoins from exchanges. #tether not so much.
First idea of use, ease of exchange and a way of holding your earning in value before going back
to the market. #tether is the most use stable coins if you are trading between many tokens.
#Tether is so traded you may wonder is it really valuable if you go change it for like a dollar.
So far so good it is doing what it meant for, keeping the market fluid and you can see at all time
within 24 hours more #tether are traded than #btc itself.

Always worth a dollar, sometimes 99 cents, you are capable of trading it all over the market.
Any altcoins deem to grow need to be pair with #tether. This is a pure speculative way to flip
and grab profit whenever it is possible.
You can find #tether in many blockchains.
First it was #omni, had to do something to be closed with #btc. Now it is more widespread
with #ethereum. Most trading are in this erc-20 format.
You have #tron blockhain enables #tether as well.
We have #eos blockchain #tether, so this stable coin is diversified itself even more.
We have #tether on liquid and recently on #Algorand chain.
Maybe one day #hive could HMT its #tether backed #hive. who knows?

If you go to their site you can visit this to verify their holding to back the amount of #tether.


I do not get the date since we are in 2020 but it is there to show us otherwise.
The whole purpose of jumping ship and leave the fiat currency is not to come back.
Since dollar is on our mind it is easier to count with it or the countries you living.
I do not think people will dump #tether for the dollar.
I forgot to mention they have #tether back by gold. You get the idea.
Nature cannot stand emptiness.

I don't have the actual number, the market for stable coins will grow
exponentially. One day you will see each country with their pegged crypto in the market.
Even the bank might go that route.
Now when are we going to see #tether right behind #btc?
I am thinking about other stable joining the party soon.
As long as #btc may grow, the more we will need stable.

Not sure what happen to #coinabse cutting the APR for #USDC from 1.25% to 0.15%
It is not even worth holding it for that purpose. Not sure what Coinbase is doing while
the market is booming. Mabe they are trying to mimicking other markets.
Just in the top, there around 7 stables coins servicing the whole crypto sphere.
#tether has trouble to navigate. All the #tethers belongs to traders and as long
there are trading, #tether will always find a way to make a living.

This ecosystem continues to grow with inflation.
#ether could be passed this year. If #btc jumps past $ 10k, you can rest assured
#tether will follow close to enable more trading capacities.
Always worth the same as the fiat it is pegged to.
So long!

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Wow... i have always wondered why usdt was always a dollar.
I am actualy surprised that it is traded more than btc. Although after going into forex i started respecting tether.