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The nature of the economy resides on the evolution of transferring value efficiently. Another aspect of this system is the adoption through its peers. If you consider the stock market since its inception, value has been shared through heavy regulation and you have to follow between a fine line to be part of the institution.

Lately we can see the progress in its sphere all over the world and this market left us a patrimony of what come today.
#Crypto market gives you more details and you can examine them since it is fresh on the block. If you are a trader you will always act the same way across all markets.

It seems to amaze how #defi change the course of how we see crypto currencies this year. It was a needed fresh annexation to grow what #crypto can do. Even though #defi is going through trials and errors it does not negate or slowing down the frenzy to invest in #defi.

Instead of trading #BTC/USDT the options are unlimited for a trader. If you look through marketcaps we are inundated with a form of #defi. the scheme in question is not new to say. The speed of adoption is new and the fast grow could be overwhelming is you are reading the news out there.

You might think of being left behind. Not so fast if you do not know it does not hurt. By the way have you tried #wHive?
To a closer look have you tried #Wleo? I think this intro of this blockchain should be well receive today. We are in a economy wealth of knowledge where anyone can spend sometimes and earn a few tokens. Providing LP for #Wleo is a good way to earn. Practice makes perfect in many ways. Can you believe the value of #leo can be on par with #hive?
The learning and earning in crypto stands in the way of many.

Time is the essence in the middle of everything that move forward. If you have the capital and you are willing to put it to work you will be rewarded gratefully. This is the whole purpose of #crypto, providing a mean of financial advantage for everyone. Just participate and you will be part of the trend.
Would you like to know what will happen after #defi? Actually let us perfect it first cause decentralized finance will shake the world of world of financing at its core.
What is important now is to support what is close to home.
Give #Wleo a boost that way the whole ecosystem will grow within.

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Never could believe that Leo could be up to par with hive one day but then that's the beauty of crypto and blockchain and tokens. It's individual work and imagine it happening on a global scale, the endless possibilities

This is the power first of the community willing to support
#leo through #hive.
In a nutshell we all win.

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Very nicely written... great

Can't wait to read your next endeavor.
So much can said. Glad to have you around.

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