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The approach differs greatly how each company will move
into crypto. Microsoft should be no stranger to jump
into this bandwagon when they are a software company.
Looking at their stock and company valuation, they are
well positioned to make a move.

I had used a windows phone before. It was well done and
in the same quadrant of an ios device. Unfortunately Ballmer
did not provide a support system to push this beauty.
I think they missed the opportunity dearly. Hope they come back
the same way they allow manufacturers to produce Pcs using windows.

Here we have another great opportunity dated more than 10 years.
So far #Tesla as a technology company jumped in. Maybe today could be
a siren for #bitcoin to pass $50k.
Still February and the bull is full of vigor to run.
Microsoft is very prudent lately.
Any weird move could jeopardize their stock value.
Microsoft may lack strategy with crypto or they are just quiet.

I suspect most companies are not thinking for #btc or crypto now cause
they are waiting for it to jump into the hundred thousandth. At this time
it will be out of the public hand. It will be a league of the top tier. This is not the case
for #microstrategy. They have a plan where they are buying for another $600 million
more of #btc.

That could be the reason, folks are hurried to get ahead and see how high it will go.
Either way the value of bitcoin goes up, one thing is clear it helps folks to see the financial
world in a different way. Inflation does not seem to deter #bitcoin. It is the needed fuel
to propel more to join. I hope they join to hold, not to dump mid way and lose their place.
The dollar is somehow strong for a foreseeable future. Due to the weakness of other fiats as well.
It is like we are in a bubble. Not sure which one, crypto or stock markets?

Microsoft will eventually make a move when #btc is selling for $100k.
It is easier for #Paypal and #Square to jump in cause they offer #crypto
to their client. Same thing for #Grayscale and #Microsoft.
#Tesla move could be a way to stay on the news and appeal to generation hybrid.
Or the general idea curb inflation by putting a percentage in crypto.
Funny it will paid off in the long run as long #bitcoin is into the green.

Any crypto move has to be long term. Don't panic if you see #btc in a week
down to $25k. It happens all the time in the market and goes right back up.
It could be the opportunistic moment for many companies to get right back in.
Best thing to do now, keep stacking satoshis and many useful coins
out there.

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When BTC is 100k? I believe no time is good as the moment that's why Tesla is pulling waves. We eventually hope they all buy in to hold it. We could easily see 100k before the year runs out

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Hold should be their tentative move.
Higher value for #bitcoin will entice
more institution to join, kick us out so they can
use it for other uses.
Strong we hold so we can mind our biz.


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Don't panic if you see #btc in a week down to $25k.

I wonder, what will happen to them who buy now if it dumps to half - some will get a heart attack for sure 😁

Actually they will buy more, clearing the market of the left over Bitcoin.
For them #bitcoin is an asset class they need to control.
It is an edge over inflation as well.


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