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After a double digit drop, this list remains the same for this week.
Except for #tether moving back to third like before. It is interesting
to see how quickly volatility changes the landscape in the crypto world.
All the markets are connected, stock market, crypto, forex, etc...
A the closing bell some of the stocks rebounded as usual. It will be the same
wheel mill for crypto. #Btc will hit its target price in no time.

They are all traded by the same people looking to profit for the highs and lows.
Coincidentally technology sectors were taking a beating yesterday and today while
crypto can barely make a move. You could have a tendency of worrisome with no clear

As #btc drop to $45k, it does not stay at that resistance. It pulls right back up.
Watching the movement in #coinbase you can see the buy and sell section kept changing
phase to dictate the market. I know I am not the only one making sense of this movement.
You can only trade market buy or sell only no limit during this predicament. Since most people
are in the red, it is a learning experience.

You probably reading it everywhere, take the emotions out of it. Anyone can lose in the market.
The best performing stock could lag all week and see a clear jump the next week. One particular factor
I will pay attention to: the news about this and that company.
Musk posted about #bitcoin being too high on the weekend.

He even made some nonsense remarks about #bitcoin. I guess his agenda comes with a price. He lost billions
in this trifecta. He praised bitcoin, He purchased bitcoin and he badmouths bitcoins.
He is still a billionaire. I guess he is playing a game to divert the attention elsewhere.
He did the same thing a while back for #Tesla stock. He is no stranger to speak his mind.

This experience that could happen over and over with crypto is part of the cycle of crypto.
#bitcoin will reach $100 and move back and forth. The lesson of holding is the long lasting
remedy. The value of bitcoin in fiat does not differ much with actual bitcoin everyday.

Same thing can be applied for #Hive. The fluctuation in price will not affect the amount of
hive you had. It may affect in short term what you might receive. Hold is the remedy unless
you want to do something else you plan to act on primarily.
What a perfect time to accumulate and keep your position strong.

February is a short month with a lot of attitude. It was all rose at the beginning.
Now we have to deal with the thorns.
Best way to play the game, stay in the game.
Keep stacking them up.

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Same thing can be applied for #Hive. The fluctuation in price will not affect the amount of hive you had.

Hopefully, it rebounds and crosses the 30 cent mark quickly.

It is going to do it
and pass it while btc is moving up the needle.

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@pouchon this is a wonderful writeup from you sir ..keep it up