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We are in 7 days into 2021 and right up the alley
crypto is making heads turn. The momentum is carried
away from last year. I guess that bull will never get tired.
There is more on the way to see this drama enfolds in front of us.

January alone carries crypto to new high. As always bitcoin is leading
the action to shower all holders with what they trust from the beginning.
Man! I wish I purchased more when it was low.
The writing was always on the wall.
I am open to see bitcoin reaching $100k by end of the year.

I mention yesterday #leo could reach $5. This is so true and if there is time
it could go higher. Right now it is reaching 48 cents and counting. The power mark
is strong cause that is the only way you can get it now by proof of relationship.
The marketcap is another story when #wleo is having a party by itself.

Hive is looking at 333 satoshis. We have not seen the move expected usually after
the Hivefest. Hopefully #threespeak plan of action can put Hive up in the list
where trending positive may come straight from the tokens. From now keep on holding.

Looking at how bitcoin is propelling itself to a new range, it favors altcoins
to stay close. It may become expensive to transact in bitcoin due to price and value
attach to it. The door is open for altcoins to grow and form a bridge to serve all customers.
I can see why the need of other blockchains to serve in this area.
Like I said it is only January. 11 more months to see the value of crypto.
On the other hands, if you are still have doubt about holding, wait for
$100k/btc and then you can make a move.

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The rise of the crypto economy brings promises, faith, and hopes.

The rise of crypto is erasing
slowly corruption and leveling
Keep stacking satoshis.

I agree that BItcoin is rocketing upwards and so it WLEO/LEo. % dollars wold have been thought difficulty before 37,000 dollar BItcoin. Now it seems doable.

This year will be very exciting for cryptocurrencies and we are privileged to be experiencing all of this.

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