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The need to grow your portfolio is so widespread even a pure joke can go a long way. Going through #cointelegraph about this story that turn to million dollar worth shows IDEAS should not be taken gently.

The ideas of #defi can generate millions from nothing.
In the age of technology and willingness to do anything, #defi is so hot, you may get rich before you get burn.

If we go a way back you may recall #Degoecoin.
It was a joke coin as well and maybe through this day
it looks and behave like a joke. Hey the hodlers took it seriously
and now the valuation of this token is @ $300+ million and holding.
While many great communities are falling off top 100,
#Dogecoin is thriving.
It is a reality check that people just care about the token that generate the return they are looking for.

If you go look for #Meme coin, it is moving up the scale.
Just 28000 meme token and the value is at $1500+/meme ,
it shows even through a joke, people want to see #defi becoming a trend.

Just realize you are a risk taker to the bone you hold on to just 500 #meme,
you will be sitting on some crazy valuation
. It is easier said than done cause you need to trust this joke can deliver such a return.
Apart from the joke there is a community behind it.
I guess I should say there is more to come in #defi.

Wherever you hold your funds,
you have to trust something to leave it there.
You name it dollar, Euro, #btc, #hive, etc...
there is a minimum you need to adjust
and accept the facts going forward.

The trend will continue. It was #meme,
tomorrow it could be well #wleo.
As long everything add up we can witness a growth
wherever the economy makes sense.
Lately the fees on #ether is not a problem.
It was a joke then but now it is all business.

You may not want to enter this sphere.
This is a good call. You might read about people winning
but not much people losing. Both stories exist, this is why you see
great return. Yes valuation creates out of thin air.

This is why when the dust settle, most #defi tokens are implementing
a #LP for a considerable time to stabilize the fear of losing your funds.
#defi is a great way for everyone to participate. For now the main issue
is the way of interacting with #ether and hopefully the UIs are getting easier to comprehend.

Since we are dealing with #finance it is important to understand the terminology
put in place so you know what contribution you can add. More risk you are willing to take
the greater the rewards. With #defi in mind, just #hodl token is not enough.
Timing is everything as when to pull the plug or go deeper. I must say we are living in a period
where the world economy is stagnant. Acquiring the knowledge on #defi with a grain of risk
should be worth trying.
In the meantime, get ready for #wleo this Wednesday
Learning is believing.

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When I heard that meme is taking on some high gains I began to wonder what the holders must have given in. It's pathetic most people don't believe in the hive prospect. However it is, I'm holding for long term

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#hive needs time to fully separate from remnants of #steem.
When this is done, I feel it that we will grow with the right #dapps onboard.
Keep on hodling it!