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If you are reading this,
most likely you know about
finance and you are very inline
to have a diversified balanced sheet.
Some of you could acquire the help of a financial
adviser to help you navigate
in the labyrinth of the global economy.
Thanks to the internet
you have YouTube at your
disposal to check and verify
before you put your funds in the market.

Lately the world market in the financial
sector can interpret a vast niche of product. Apart from
#forex and the stock market,
there is a fresh market with value right now
at $1,5+ trillion and counting.
The crypto market for the past decade has found
its place right in the middle of everything.
We are at the age
of technology and everything encompasses blockchain,
smart contract, asset class, you have to deal with
This emergence market had been the story of the year.

The amount of company putting away a portion of their reserve
in crypto keeps rising. So far by number alone
it looks like #btc alone could reach $100k by the end of 2021.
You can find the list at this website

From the list #Microstrategy
and Grayscale are making a lot of noise.
My question earlier was asked about
your personal balance sheet.
You can answer it and keep a positive attitude as of what you plan to do.
The real factor is clear.
Crypto is here to stay.
This is what the smart people
want to use going forward.

There are more than 42 companies holding bitcoin.
The list did not mention individuals holding a stash for
safekeeping. Gladly there are more than bitcoin out there.
It is a trend worth notice if you are into financial
I have to throw this piece in the mix:
Investment in crypto should not be taking lightly.
You could miss a lot if
you act slow. At the same time
do your research do not invest
your rent and livelihood
cause you can lose it all.
Always invest what you can afford to lose.

So in that repertoire,
whatever you invest in crypto,
should stay in crypto unless you find a mine.
According to the tax
law in the US,
if you buy crypto and you hold you are fine.
Check deeply in your neck of the hood.
I like that mindset
cause if you want to hold you are fine.
I am pretty sure if you are exchanging
and bring it to the dollar now you will
deal with Uncle Sam.

The course is set straight for you.
#bitcoin is moving sideways in March at $50k+.
Definitely more companies are making sure
you have less bitcoin at your disposal.
By the way Square,
the company with the app #Cashapp,
did get a license to serve its
customers as a bank.
You can see the possibility
in front of you. March with everything, stimulus,
less covid-19 going on
could shift the whole system.

It will be advantageous
if your balance sheet could remain
in the hold section. I prefer proof of stake token.
I prefer blockchain with a purpose to change and bring
us together wherever you are. Crypto brings us in the same platform
minus the middlemen .You are doing yourself
a favor just like those companies to hold
and wait to see what this technology will turn into.
One thing you can be sure of, whatever you own in crypto
really belong to you.
You can feel proud and say this is mine.
In the meantime, just keep holding and amass satoshis.

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They will be big after the 2 big leofinance airdrops!!!!

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It is true, and we must also highlight the fact of how strong and active its community is, and that is that with the passage of time the name of Leofinance is heard louder, and that is that Leo is like bitcoin, which is here to stay

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Holding crypto in this difficult time is like a life saver jacket...