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I recalled in 1998 maybe earlier than that the growth of the internet in America.
Actually the best place to enjoy the internet you need to go to a library and have a time slot
for 30 minutes or if you are lucky you can stay there max 2 hours. This was very interesting
to navigate and see pages floating in front of your eyes.

I never had an AOL account but I tried the free CD
they were send sending to your house. I do recall there were free internet service available through dial up then.
I did have free internet from K-mart service and another company. It was slow and time consuming. Just right around the corner by 1999 DSL comes to the rescue and then #napster. The rest is history.

I can feel the same lineage with blockchain and crypto. Just 2009 we have an evolution of the internet. The use case is growing out of proportion now. Sorry if you use your internet time watching memes and cat where you can grow and earn coins through blockchain.

When you look back through the #History of bitcoin, you can sense from get go it was destined to succeed. The only factor I see is the fact there was a core of people that go behind it and still pushing it. Still not sure why Satoshi Nakamoto is invisible, so does #bitcoin.

The story of #bitcoin is all over the internet and it is worth reading. I need to pay a visit to #white paper in order to see the vision we all come to appreciate. Just 11 years passed and now go to any market cap and they are so many coins promising the universe.


This is part of human genome that I can do better. Actually there is nothing wrong about the saying as long as the token works. From my prospective #dogecoin is an example of something that should not work and look at it now. This token alone with many more is a clear dedication that crypto will work in the most logical way.

Four years ago this community was looking for an identity, Finally we have found it through #Hive. Time is the reason why #steem still moving sideways. As a precedent we all can be fortunate that a community will be a reason why a coin will resist and be the mantra for future endeavor in the sphere.

Another trait I see in the crypto world, As long the #hodlers are earning, this coin may survive for a while. Nowadays you can earn actively or passively, if that trend continues the banks are in trouble. When the trust factor grows, it spreads all over. #Risk is part of human nature, plan accordingly.

Thanks to many nuances and the volume of the decentralized finance, this is another entry to optimize crypto. Governments are prepping their stable coins and you can see the recipe that is cooking with the blockchain.
I think #corona did slow what we should expect of crypto in 2020. Flipping a coin it allows more people enough time to pay attention and be part of it.

The cascading effect will be huge if you are already onboard. Leverage your knowledge and act swiftly will be key to cement your place in what more than 75% people in the world still asking Where is #bitcoin come from?
If you use #hive you definitely can answer this question. It is not when and where but how the masses will jump in.
Gather what you can cause your service will be needed in the near future.
Be safe and hodl your coins.

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Beautiful, the truth is that the evolution has been slow but steady and we don't know what the future promises but then it's going to be exciting nonetheless. After all this time I still believe we haven't exploded we're just prepping up but then, it's awesome to have come so far

If you look it through technology the time could be slow but comparing gold to bitcoin
crypto is doing really good.
Be ready!

I conducted a little test last month to see if I could live on crypto alone. It was clunky and time-consuming, but it did work. So if I can do it, with a little fine-tuning...

I have been contemplating that time will come for many.
I am not ready for it but I am working toward that path.
Glad you gave it a try.