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Having been in a community for a while has allowed me to gather enough
experience to discern most of the great posts I am reading daily. I mention
community a lot on my posts instead of blockchain. Hive is the main blockchain
where Hive itself plus Leofinance and many more tribes are connected. Communities
are more powerful cause the flow of ideas do translate to action and this year
you can see how to interact better and put time and finance to good use.

I have no other example of #leofinance to bring to light for diversification. We are so lucky
they go turtle steps with us and they keep it so simple. By now if you are a fervent member of Leo
you will hold some and keep them powered. Before I go further you will have your Hive powered as well.
This synchrony allows you to diversify your tokens into two main tokens that benefits your bottom line and the community

I could mention other tribes as well. You can see some Hivers or lions do have other accounts in other to manage
these tribes. It requires gentle work and good discipline to bring effort and get the best out of your curation.
What I like the most, lions keep powering up Hive. They do not stop. the is the main idea of diversification
for many. Thirdly with the innovation of Leofinance we had once #wleo, but now #CUB changes the air in the room.

First I have to stay it is us who need to support the development of CUB. It does not matter how you do it. You
are the pillars of this #defi platform. Believe it or not it will give Hive a boost like never before.
So far you have three ways to diversify your portfolio in Leofinance. This is a choice worth considering knowing
how powerful CUb will be.

Another way I understand the diversification, it allows me to bring other coins from other places where they were just sitting
there and now they are earning CUB. I have to make adjustments along the way but it is the right move.
It could be hard to cancel all the noise out there. You know I am talking about. Hive will remain the center piece for
many of us.
Me personally I wanted to reach 100K Hive for the longest. I did it by diversification. I did purchased for a while.
I did a simple one within the Hive
community. It does not pay a lot but it pays when I need it the most. It still pays me dividend till today.
Yes #dcity. I did invest time and Hive into this game.
A true hiver will stay around and support Hive. I see it like a place to come and read and learn.

Information is the main reason I am so focused. It may sound old school but it works.
I am building my stacks in CUB and I will bring some back when it is time to leo and Hive.
Make it go round and round. Hive will touch base to a dollar. If not better for you and me
to get it low. I am contemplating to get some very soon.
I have a feeling some Hivers think when a community (leofinance) is thriving, it could be a threat for Hive.
Flip it and shove it and throw that mindset away. First of all we want Hive to interact with all the blockchains
out there. Second Leofinance community is the most knowledgeable and avid holder of Hive. They breathe financial
aspect of Hive and the whole blockchain. It is really good to spread the knowledge and get ahead.

Looking at hive-engine, so many tokens where everyone is welcome. It will not be fair for me to say I love Hive
more than Leo or CUb. I love them all cause they are a mean of doing business with each other. I see the community
more and this way the diversification matters.
Otherwise life will be boring. Leofinance you bring the fun to this blockchain. The fun just started.
Keep stacking satoshis.


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Diversification is great and hive these days provides us with even better opportunity to diversify, 14 months I was Only holding hive but then I have managed to further diversified into the other tribes token too, I think more opportuinities are coming. Look at POB too doing almost everything right.

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It is awesome to see leobridge coming to further that goal.
The more token you hold you learn about it.
We are a big family where diversification is a plus.


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Hey @josediccus, here is a little bit of BEER from @pouchon for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

I started diversifying into separate accounts to curate multiple communities, but it back too difficult and have started consolidating back into a single curation account, this one. But I am enjoying the rise of the tribes very much. I was a bit late to the game and will have a hard time making waves w/ Leo, but I'm getting a decent stake in #POB and #VIBES that will hopefully help me be a useful curator to those tribes.

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I think I am lacking in powering up hive and Leo. I think it's high time I stopped powering down and invest in these two accounts. I am putting a lot into my dcity and cub.

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