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Without paying attention #bitcoin alone worth 10 percent of all
mined gold. This may not mean much for all countries holding gold
for their reserve. It means a lot for you and I cause we can hold
crypto and be part personally of creating wealth.

It may sound insane for anyone holding at home $100k of gold. You need security.
Unless you have it in jewelry.
Preferably most people pay a bank to hold their gold.
Unless you hold nice coins for your retirement. Another aspect of holding silver
or gold coins tend to be long term goal. It is the practice from time to time way before
technology or crypto. I recall the governments banned people to hoard #gold as well.
Not the safe way to save for retirement. But it works for some though.

You have to be careful with it cause someone can come to your place and rob you
of your gold chain or brick if you dare to keep it at home, not in the safest place.
So much discrepancies rely with gold.
Personally I have jewelry at home, that's it. Again with $10 trillion
valuation gold is very important in the financial world.
Still and will be remain important for the world.

I have no intention of asking anyone to invest only in gold or crypto. Investment is risk.
Be mindful of where you decide to invest your money.
You need to see the availability offered by crypto. Since the financial
market used to electronic fiat money. Why not invest in trust system through crypto?
I pick on #gold many times for the reason #bitcoin alone could be used as an asset class
just like #gold.

The efficiency of #bitcoin relies on the matter of acceptance with ease.
Being at the top of the food chain, bitcoin stands to benefit from the millennials
looking for the right stuff. I do not know much about all the cryptos, I ain't
millennial either but I love the ownership factor in crypto.
It is the new kid on the block with you control it from head to toe.

At the pinnacle of technology it makes sense to have the internet working for you.
Just to say for #gold to look out cause it is almost 17% worth of its supply.
Not bad for a technology starting in 2009. All crypto together will cause #gold to watch out.
#hive or Leo may not move the balance much, it sure moves the hearts and minds of all the holders.
Just to say how imperative crypto is when you look at #hive or #Leo, #pal putting their weight
somehow to change the world.

#Gold will continue to fulfil what it does best, trade in its space.
Crypto in general just begins to cement their place in History.
Reading quite a few posts, it seems crypto will take 20% by mid year of all gold mined.
I am talking to a value give or take of #10 trillion of #gold. IF Gold
keeps losing value as well, it will be quicker.

You might say I am saying #crypto is better than #gold. Far from that point of view.
They will coexist and together will enable the spread of wealth around the world.
Just like the gold rush benefit a small group, #Crypto will benefit only the newcomer and
the miners. You got to understand this future to get onboard and rip the reward.
I was doing some numbers and I see the probability favors crypto in the long run.
Retail investors alone cannot make that run.
Institutions seems to accept the fact that when you need to chose so far #bitcoin is
the place to be. #Ether is a close second.

I cannot wait for the moment when banks and institutions are doing remittance in crypto.
Definitely we are talking billions moving with a click of a button within 30 minutes cap.
It is by design in the 21st century this form of currency is being dubbed the only way.
It does not matter how many will be used, at least a lot will carry the load for the future.
Just thinking about moving gold from one location to another, just headache.
Best thing to do, stay informed and stack them satoshis.

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#Crypto will benefit only the newcomer and the miners. You got to understand this future to get onboard and rip the reward.

Every new opportunity is worth exploring.

Since 2014 I try to understand crypto.
Still learning and amaze to embark in this adventure.
Long road ahead.

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