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No reason whatsoever to think Bank and exchange
will ever cooperate to make ends meet. I knew somehow
this is not fresh news knowing one day we can see more of this deal
coming to fruition. In 2018 the banks were not friendly to the exchange.
I guess they were scared of losing customers.

I do not understand how this is happening. More a customer can transfer funds
from crypto to a bank more easily for them to earn more via exchange.
I recall #Coinbase once has to go all the way through Europe if you want to use credit card
to purchase crypto.
Since then things changed since you cannot buy crypto with credit cards just debit cards.


I know their tense is softening due to the idea of growing concerns of being left behind.
Banks want to shift but crypto market is not big enough for them to leverage other markets like
forex and stocks where more funds syphon daily.
Cryptos do not have a day off. You can trade every day, 24/7.
It may not propel to where all banks will take part but it is coming where they are buying.
It could happen that each big banks like Chase may have their own stable token.
Coinbase has #USDC. Some Caribbeans countries accept #usdc for remittance and tax purposes.

So I know the future is bright when you hear this news.
Chase is managed over $25 trillion under management.
They are running high with funds. I know other countries banks like China
have more. The fact that crypto and banks can be in the same sentence,
it is a plus factor to reassure us what is coming soon.

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