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Wednesday September 23 will be one of the epic days for #leofinance. If you have not look our way
you better pay attention to this thread. This is not something you see everyday to see a small community with big heart to move things around. It may sound unorthodox for many but the end result is so bright. When you think of #hive-engine token, quickly we can assume this is second class. Majority of #hive-engine tokens are languished in despair waiting for a moment like this.

Look no further the history of #leofinance starts with #steemleo. Converting to the best of all it is now #leofinance with a purpose to empower many. Look inside the site it is a working class group informing and remain focus till the day.
I should have invest way more while back. Some #leo fans kept grinding and they only post in #leofinance. When you look at their post in it is like they earn nothing in comparison with #leo.

This is another way to see this picture. If you were a supporter of #leo way before this new #defi trend, you know where is #leo then and now. Now before I go further about #hive-engine, many tribes are working hard to maintain their community at stake. I hold still their token. Somehow #leo talks about finance, this is a subject in the mind and heart of everyone. Just like politics, everyone talks about it. Investments, finances, trades, defi, buy, sell, stocks, you name it #leo is the place to get your idea running.

Apparently the team behind #leo did have a roadmap and they invested time and effort to make this community relevant.
Way before the value rises, I managed to get my hand in 20k #leo. I do not recall why I made the move, but now it was a blessing move. #defi has bring another focus to #leo.

At $ 0.13 cents/leo there is a healthy demand right now. I manged myself to join the #defi craze through a pool. You can participate by reading this post

This post will guide you to add more to the pool or if you are new. At the end of the post more links to inform you.
I did try to add LP to #wleo/eth. I wish I can explain it to you but I get my feet wet and trying to understand how to use it. Again I am watching from afar. I did not use #metamask. When you go to #uniswap they give you a list of wallet you can use. Since I know about #coinbase I use their app called coinbase wallet. I had this on my phone a while back. I connected with #uniswap and from there you are good to go.

The cool part is since you own your #ether address your phone will serve as the keeper to interact with #uniswap.
It may not look the same way but the action is similar whatever wallet you use to interact with #uniswap. There is so much to learn about liquidity pool and how to interact with the contract in place when you see you have more ether than wleo or vice versa. This is definitely decentralized cause you run the show with everyone in the same pool. Grasping your mind into smart contract you can see how interesting #ether is. The gas fees is another story, in a way it allows only good actors to interact with it, just like resource credits with #hive.

Do not forget #defi is new so pay attention at every move cause you are doing this at your own risk.
I can great things going down for #leo. If you are one of the early adopters, blessed are you and largely you are getting rewarded. The doors are wide open for everyone to come and have fun while learning.


At first if you need #leo token the only way to get it: #hive-engine. I should say you need to get maybe #hive and swap it out for #leo. This has change with #wleo. You can go to #uniswap and get yourself loaded with #wleo and exchange it through
Let's hope you have your #hive address to move it around. It is a good start for this community. As we can ourselves accommodated with #uniswap and all the tricks around it you can see how the growth mindset of this team will make it easier to buy and sell.

Now I hope this renaissance brings other tribes to the table and compel to be ready for something similar in the near future. Plan of action should be put in place and a replica will model all. The best way to learn is to be part of the ecosystem. I know this year is special. #Hive is special so does #leo.
If you are a risk taker you are in good hands.
Play your game and be safe.

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Hi @pouchon
Are you saying here:

At first if you need #leo token the only way to get it: #hive-engine. I should say you need to get maybe #hive and swap it out for #leo. This has change with #wleo. You can go to #uniswap and get yourself loaded with #wleo and exchange it through

Absolutely, now that there is a wLEO - ETH pair...

you can buy wLEO by swapping it for ETH in the pool. This is one way get outside investors interested in Leofinance and ultimately Hive?

But wrapped Leo-ETH is unique

The Wrapped Leo Ethereum pairing on Uniswap is a very unique situation in cryptocurrency. It presents the opportunity to blog for Leo, wrap it and swap it for ETH. Investors can blog here and literally turn their words into Ethereum. Not to mention that now that Leofinance has the wrapped Leo Eth liquidity pool, investors can deposit both wrapped Leo and Eth into the Liquidity pool and earn a portion of the transaction fees , which is exactly how Yield Farming works. It allows investors to Hodl and earn at the same time.

But the blogging part is key because every other swap pair requires a capitol investment on both sides like ETH - USDT OR ETH-wrapped Bitcoin. This pair is unique, you can blog to earn Leo and use your capitol to buy ETH. A distinct financial advantage.

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This opportunity allows #leo to be seen in the same pedestal as #hive
or any other tokens you can think of.
I am sure #leo will grow and hold its value for the foreseeable future.

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I agree, it is now worth more then hive which is amazing!

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I joined the Spinvest Pool myself and it's quite a risk I was willing to take but then let's see how it turns out. Currently there's no loss with leofinance at all I just regretted not channeling enough fund when it was way cheaper

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I did it yesterday. The steps are risky but doable.
I use coinbase wallet since I have it on my phone.
Coinbase wallet is connected to coinbase.
Hope you can use both.
Uniswap is straightforward to use.
If you want to provide LP, you can do it
as long as both Eth and wleo match you get it submit and that's it.
It is an adventure worth trying.

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Okay, thanks a whole lot, I'm willing to give it a go.

Can i just ask, so if i have a coinbase wallet on my phone i can use this to add LP to uniswap? i guess i need to just add ETH to my coinbase wallet?

That is partial correct you can buy #ether through Coinbase and then transfer it to Coinbase wallet.
Or send ether to your coinbase wallet.
Assume you get them connected prior.
Use Coinbase wallet to interact with #uniswap.
Works like a charm.
The issue you will have the gas fees always a problem so have some ether left over in your wallet to cover your moves.

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ive linked my coin base wallet to uniswap, but now im more confused. Where do i get Wleo from to add liquidity? ill just have to look into it some more. still slightly over my head at the minute.

To get #wleo you have to go through hive-engine and use for the conversion to take place.
Before you get that going make sure you have your #ether and coinbase wallet loaded with #ether.

To start your liquid pool you need to have all these ready.

  • Make sure you have knowledge of the contract address for #wleo, this is how you will discover #wleo in #uniswap as a token.
  • #leo token ready to be converted
  • enough #ether in the address you will use with #uniswap
  • Send wleo to the same address you have #ether and uniswap will do the rest.
  • Be ready to pay the gas fees to get it to LP

Before you start the process to add all to the LP, you will be able to see them through coinbase wallet.
After that you will not see them through coinbase wallet but through #uniswap page where they are contract to provide liquidity to the pair.
Hope you are not much confused and it seems easy but complexes at the same time. While I am doing it I see how #ether is so valuable through smart contract.

thanks mate.

I just recently (finally) stepped into the world of Leo Finance and I can say that I see it going places. Won't rush into it with FOMO though. It's better to understand and research while steadily growing my position. Even if I may be a little late to the initial game, I feel like the long game is just at the beginning.

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#Leo was affordable at one moment and as the team kept building it
they use every opportunity to bring more value to #leo.
Make sure you get some #leo power so you can earn through curation.

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I think I understand. So Uniswap allows to convert straight to LP instead of though Hive.
I stopped using Coinbase, because they tend to "discriminate" certain locations when it comes to some features. I know som of this has to do with legalities and regulations, but their platform doesn't have as much value to me this way.
Thank you for the tips.

Make sure you get some #leo power so you can earn through curation.

That's the plan.

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Knowledge is power. There is coinbase and coinbase wallet.
You can use metamask if you know what to do.

True, but I haven't been a fan ever since.

Already using Metamask. And also Metamask Android since they launched that recently.

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