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It feels like all the coins are racing against each other.
Everyday you get a new high from another coin. I guess the bubble
is well alive at this time. Lately #binance coin is pushing itself
where we could not expected. Being a better blockchain for many defi
with way less fees, no wonder it is worth $300 right now.
Lucky you are if you hold.

Not every actor in the financial world appreciates what bitcoin and
cryptos are doing for the world. Ceo of JP M. Chase said once cryptos
are eating our lunch money.
He was threating to fire anyone in Chase trading crypto
while his own family was in crypto.
Right now they are not sure when and how
to get involved in it. Now they qualify #bitcoin as a poorest hedge and
bunch of terms describing cryptos as side show.

It is tough for them watching what is happening and not being the leader
of it. Do not get me wrong, crypto is a volatile place. Only a risk taker
makes gain with it. Just look at #microstrategy, they are taking the risk
like there is no tomorrow. I mean for me they are playing all or nothing.


I can continue to name many of them that are just standing on our way
and criticize crypto without seeing the good it brings to all holders.
Remind yourself invest in crypto is the greatest risk you could take.
Lately it has been paying off immensely. Always invest what you can afford to lose.

It may sound like a low risk but it is. Invest time and money in Hive
could be mind boggling. Let alone #leofinance or #hive-engine token.
Going further in the rabbit hole, invest in #sim could be crazy.
Again for us we are taking a risk on all of us. I am in. I hope you are too.

So much is riding on each of us to stay put and keep riding this blockchain.
#leo is touching $0.70 and continue to break the mold.
Hive is getting to a place where $0.32 could be the resistance
to reach the dollar mark.
It is good to read the naysayers and build yourself back.
They are coming back and be part of this crypto bandwagon.

Even #bill Gates is changing course, as a technology guy I expect
him to bring more input. Hey it seems he has no leg in this fight.
#Musk seems to like the news and be seen all the time.
It goes to say you could have more fun and earn being a risk taker.

Many of you have been around #hive for a while and the camaraderie
continues to solidify what keep us here day after day.
Seeing #bitcoin reaching $1 billion valuation is the work of all
risk takers. about time we see retail investors hang around and
reap the reward.

Just 8 days shy of March, it will be another chaotic week ahead of us.
Now start preparing for your Hive power up day. You may prepare for your tribe
power up day too like #leofinance.
Do not forget #leofinance need your support. If you look in the list,
there is a witness who barely update his price feed right ahead of leofinance.
Maybe you need to recalibrate your witness including you too, #leofinance.

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