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Grayscale had been airing a commercial to promote their #GBTC. You can watch it here

This commercial has been out for some times in 2019. Having a different use case, bitcoin
will replace Gold for what #gold cannot do.

#Gold has been around before human existence.
It is shiny and tangible. Gold will always be around and be an asset of value.
Barrick Gold president trying to put blame on the reason why #gold is losing real steam in the market.
Confusion and anxiety always exist among investors.

Luckily #bitcoin is bringing a new trend in the market.
Right now #bitcoin is touching $54k+ while gold is roaming around $1800.
Sincerely there is more volatility with #bitcoin.
#crypto is more appreciative in the long term than #gold.
Digitally #bitcoin is the new gold.

There are many reasons to favor #bitcoin now over #gold.
Clear indication sit with all the public companies that go along with it.
#Microstrategy, #Tesla, #grayscale and recently #blackRock and a bank #BNY.
I guess people pushing #gold should revisit their mandate and do this for a long shot.


They should embrace digitalized gold like Pax or Tether way of offering it to their client.
Again the trust factor is the reason why #bitcoin is becoming the new gold. Believe it or not
being able to verify all transactions in the blockchain has proven to be the deal breaker.
Blockchain technology is the way to go. Blockchain is the future wherever you turn for safety
and security plus trust factor is the pillar.

#Bitcoin or cryptocurrency will always be a companion for the financial world. It is a sign
to show where we are heading while #bitcoin just touch another milestone $1 billion valuation.
The interest is overwhelming to see who is really confuse lately.
The usability of crypto far outpaced #gold when you see the speed
and human error out there in the market.
So far you can blame #bitcoin for high fees and network congestion
you cannot say a thing about security in #bitcoin blockchain.
$54k+/btc is a clear statement we need to stack satoshis.

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I would sell Bitcoin on the way up and buy gold on dips.

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you just wanna hold some gold and silver its a nice feeling. Just to hold in your hand makes you feel wealthy. Also superstition says owning gold just brings wealth into your life in general. Free gold and silver with crypto profit is basically the dream, but it is just insurance and that is it.

Both gold and Bitcoin are a good source of investment,so investing on all of them is a good investment decision to make ... @jphamer1

That is a great feeling. Hard to hold real gold unless you buy jewelry. It is a lot easier to own crypto lately.

This is what you do for super long term plan
Bitcoin is the new kid on the block.
Give it some times it will prevail

I mean you can virtually profit by buying gold all through the way since gold is quite obtainable at the moment and buying back into BTC during the bear I don't really have a lot to say about the bitcoin to gold comparison. All I know is that digital assets have a lot more advantages.

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Gold will always be the hard asset to hold. Not sure how fast you can sell real gold at 4 pm in a Friday night. Crypto will be the asset if well served you can buy and sell very fast.


Hahah you have jus said it all, how fast can one sell gold by 4pm on a friday evening. It'll be definitely difficult to do so. One More hit for bitcoin

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While there is no doubt that Bitcoin is the gold of crypto. There are just as many flaws in having as an investment as gold. The exchanges are constantly stopping trades on it and/or taking forever to trade it purposely to make more money for themselves. Bitcoin itself is very difficult to hack but exchanges are not which leaves us as investors at risk. While gold will never go to zero, Bitcoin absolutely could. I personally don’t believe it ever will but it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Gold has and always will be money, the actual price is irrelevant. It still has the same buying power that it did 100 years ago. I believe in crypto and have money invested in it. But to say forget gold and buy Bitcoin is foolish.

Foolish indeed to push gold away for bitcoin completely.
Right now Gold doesn’t lead the market, bitcoin is
They should work together to advance society as a whole

Gold and bitcoin... a good combo!