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Actually #leo is shining everyday in our heart. Just to think what this token of #hive-engine can do is just a beginning of what is possible in this crypto sphere.
Welcome to the world of #defi #hivers. You are now granted the opportunity to trade via #uniswap #hive and then #leo. Not much for me to say on how to do the trade and set it up but looking around #leofinance you wll find many posts that can come to your rescue.

Again read as much posts as possible to make a clear and intelligent move with #wleo.
Visit this site just to see the effort put in place to get #Wleo to #leo or vice versa.


Have you gathered your #ether and #leo token yet? Do not forget the fees associated with #ether. Get yourself together and support this endeavor today. Value is very facultative. What you wish to see today, will not be the same tomorrow.
Now you can get #hive almost the same as #leo, almost just couple cents in between. It was higher earlier today.

Look at the trading in #hive-engine, it is going neck to neck and even today seems red all over the markets, it does not stop the world to move in its axis. Life continues. I have to say we are the value maker through this community. The minute we start believing we can change everything it will happen.


Another factor to jump into #wleo bandwagon, by providing LP the team behind #leo will airdrop #leo token by providing liquidity to the pool. We can be sure this is a long term process due to the effort put in place. Everyone will benefit from it. #hive community will get a piece. It maybe cumbersome but going through #hive engine you can get #leo or go through #uniswap. This is a great day to be part of.
Happy #leo day.



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