The Real Hive City

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A quote from a post I made on a depreciated social media platform from the early 2000's.

All crypto hodlers, we have the option to buy out a city council somewhere in North America and start our own free trade union before the tyrants take every last spec of spending power out of the hands of the private sector.

Nevada has a city reconstructing its city limits for high tech industrial usage only with residential smart homes and a very high cost of living, which comes with a very high quality of living as a latter result.

The average GDP in a place like this would be off the charts and the tax money would be monitored so intensively being a blockchain it would shame the rest of the developed world how precise we could make the economic figures.

That's the biggest cut of the global GDP any of us will get IMO and I will move to one of these utopian/dystopian cities in a heartbeat because Canada is a lost cause, I will bring my private mining equity to this city along with all of my crypto GDP.

Even if it fails, it would be less of an embarrassment than Canada.

My key contributions to a real decentralized city-state would be market liquidity and private transaction verification on green energy via ASICs and Modern GPUs. I have designed Seacan sized mining rigs and see no mining rig to be a challenge too big to assemble, I can make it hash as a hardware service technician.

Also, high-grade organic Canadian Cannabis is easy for me to acquire directly from more than 1 source, so depending on where this city is that would be easy to import at a cost that is nearly impossible to compete with. The city would have filled dispensaries at the most competitive rates in western Americas and not limited to Canadian farms.

What would you contribute to a real decentralized city-state?

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lol okay so we have the town prankster now too on site!

"Town Idiot"

Puffs chest up looking all proud that they just stepped on a puddle.