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RE: dCity Investments - are the in-game events worth it?

in LeoFinance3 months ago

I'm not playing dCity, but when I see a review that goes deep like this one, I wish I do... As following your blog will be very beneficiary... :)


Haha, just tell me if you like to start playing dcity and I’ll help you get set up. Unfortunately there is no referral system for dcity yet ;)

I would maybe start, but I lose so much time with SL and I'm afraid that I will lose a lot more adding 1 game more... If it takes less than 10 minutes per day, I can consider it, but everything over that is too much... lol... :)

Dcity was made to be a game that doesn’t cost much time. Every day at 8pm I get my sim income and then I buy one card. Sometimes I sell a card and I can buy another card. But that is it.

When I started I could only buy a card every week. The days in between I couldn’t do anything.

So, it is not like splinterlands at all in terms of time consumption.

Hmmm.. then it sounds interesting... I will bug you for some tips on how to start, and don't make too many mistakes... :)