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RE: Governments Are Not Invited

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saw this today and (without having read yet because work ofc), it really seems like gov't & the institutions that generally support & receive support from it, are seriously missing the point of cryptocurrency, to the point where it makes me wonder if that's intentional.
GovCoin, Really?
(Source Joke Tweet, Click, it's Good)


LOL that is very good. That is how people view things sadly.

The entire premise of CBDCs is so asinine compared to what crypto is for. Yet it is the government's way of trying to maintain control. I think they are really facing a multi-decade march to not being relevant.

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CBDs are lame just federally legalize cannabis already

that G is for fucking GOOGLE lol and google is an EOS block producer lol. those colors are BTC and voice, bunch of cia fags lol