Chasing Ghosts

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As a Digital Marketer I’ve done my fair share of social media management and I’ve always found it interesting how most frequently the only metric the account holders care about is their number of followers. All the efforts on the platform are geared towards that. The only really quick solution is buying the followers, which are the accounts that are either abandoned or were created with the sole purpose to be sold to someone. Basically, dead accounts. It seems as if the quality of the content is less important than the number – you are more credible if you have a hundred thousand followers, even if there’s no engagement on your posts or a simple scroll through your feed shows no real value.

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Of course, engagement has a big impact on the way the algorithms work when serving your posts to the audience so businesses and individuals on Instagram, Facebook and other platforms use all sorts of marketing gimmicks to get the people to comment on their posts. Asking rhetoric questions with no real purpose, asking people to tag a friend, etc., etc. I won’t lie, I’m guilty of that too. But still, shallow content creates shallow response.

This is where I see a major positive change in the content that’s being posted on platforms like LeoFinance, Hive and others. The content creators are more engaged. The readers are more engaged. There’s dialogue happening in the comments.

Another very obvious point is that content creators actually get rewarded for their contribution so it’s in their best interest to create something of value.

Being new to LeoFinance I’m thrilled to see that my first post about managing cost in a crisis received very welcoming comments as well as 66 LEO. I decided I will power up 100% of the rewards on my posts.
I’m finding many informative and thought-provoking articles, (like How To be A Contrarian by @chekohler for example) and I’d like to be able to reward these good quality articles with more value.

How do I see how much my upvote is worth when I curate on LEO? Is there any tool that can show me that?

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Oh, I just read your first post before seeing this, and like I said I am also new here but I think the way to see your upvote is by clicking the rewards icon, well I really do not know just thinking.
I think I like the engagement here on leofinance and hive.
And one should endeavor to give value to whatever content they fetch out here in posts and in comments

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Welcome @zanoz! Where did you hear about leofinance and hive?

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