This documentary is a must see! The New Normal

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The New Normal?

What does the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the coronavirus have to do with each other? This documentary that was already banned on Youtube and Facebook, tells the story how it has unfolded. And also what we could expect in the future. I doesn't tell anything I didn't know already, but it does connect the dots. And that is what us, the 99 % need. Information, and what we can do to undo what has already been done. We have to stand up now, and fight for our rights. Because if not, we will lose all of our freedoms indefinitely.


Click this link to watch it The New Normal

Do you want the new normal? I don't!




That was worth watching, it puts it all together in less than 1 hour.
This is why I like the thought of going off the grid someday.

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