The stock market is further away from reality than ever before!

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On the brink of civil war

Yesterday, news pundits and journalists all over the world were screaming how outrageous the storming of the Capitol in Washington really was. And if you would have listened to them, you would have believed that today America was woken up in a civil war. And then I look at the website of NYSE, New York Stock Exchange, and what do I see? The Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed more than 1 percent in less than 3 hours. Wow, that is peculiar. Never in my lifetime have I witnessed a stock market that is so far away from reality as today. Civil war? A pandemic? Lockdowns? It just doesn't do anything to the stock market, to the contrary, it keeps on climbing to historic highs. And that has all to do with one little detail...

Money printing


Never before in history has there been such a creation of new currency as these days. And it is inflating the stock market faster than Shaquille O'Neill swallows a Big Mac.
Eventually this inflation will come to Main Street, but untill then Wall Street will become bigger and bigger. I don't know how long this will take, but it seems we are far away from popping yet. Especially if even a potential civil war is neglected.



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Civil war? A pandemic? Lockdowns?

Those are for plebs not smart money. I also believe that what happened yesterday in the US was orchestrated.

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Too much cheap money floating around. But no one knows when the money printing will stop.