How much crypto should your portfolio have?

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Stocks, bonds, real estate, gold, silver, crypto?

Most of us are here to learn and get better at making money. At least, I am here partly for that. I also just enjoy blogging about finance, but everyday I learn more and more about investing and creating assets. Because, that is what makes people rich, creating assets that bring in fresh money, to create more assets, and so on and so on.

But as investing in crypto has become more and more mainstream, especially now with the jump in the crypto pool by Paypal, and the following Bitcoin pump. The big question is, how much of your portfolio should be in cryptocurrencies? And in which ones?


Open question

This question is a hard one to answer, as everyone's risk appetite is different. But I have made sure for myself, that I am invested in crypto between 5 and 10 % of my portfolio. The biggest part of my portfolio is in funds and stocks, and real estate is second (through investment vehicles partly). But by now, I am at around 6 % invested in Cryptocurrencies. The currencies I invested in are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Celsius, Hive and LEO, Steem, APX, Electroneum, and some minor currencies as a calculated gamble.

Maybe I will expand that portfolio with some other currencies later on, but I am waiting a little more, because I think the Bitcoin bull run is far from over, so investing in Alts will get more interesting!

Now, what are you doing? Have you got more in crypto? And why? Feel free to comment and let your philosophy know!



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No stocks, bonds or anything of this sort for me...just crypto. A matter of fact cryptos were my first investments ever.

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Wish it was me :)

It's never too late.

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Well I been 100% in crypto for 7.5 years now... or almost... :)

ohh... @lasseehlers , so you must remember those crazy days of price surge after bailout of Cyprus' banks ?
Those were the days...

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I never connected the bullrun to that bail out, but it make sense, yes it was april 2013 I first saw Bitcoin, and same month I bought some at $50.

You're a veteran then...

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I better not tell ya. Because if I do - everyone will call me crazy.
I'm so much crypto addicted. 😁

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you're not alone.

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No fiat bs for me, thanks, all hard money.... precious metals and cryptos!

I'm definitely in the "insane crypto" group of investors with a high percentage of investments in it... probably more than 70%... But, as an excuse, I did diversify my crypto portfolio among different coins and projects... :)

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Actually I don't have invested directly the native currency what I have invested is my time... approximately three to five hours a day is the time I spend on blockchain.... My brother do sometime the trading in Bitcoin...

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