Crypto is becoming completely mainstream!

in LeoFinance2 months ago

John Doe owning Ethereum

This afternoon I had an appointment with a new customer for his insurances. Along the sales talk, the man just by his his nose told me that he had bought some Ethereum 4 years ago at a price 8,75 EUR. He bought 100 ETH. He still has them! WOW, that is just incredible. Especially because this man is no computer freak or internet nerd. He just works in construction. I just love these kind of stories! And good for him, a great pension plan those Ethereum of him.





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Haha some people got lucky I guess or smart.

I dont think crypto is mainstream, but most people know it exists now.

The more mainstream it goes, the more likely the price will increase. People are seeing the major potential of all these coins, it may be late, but I'm happy that its happening.