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RE: Taking a First Leap of Investment || Preparing for Hive Power Up Day

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That is the way to go, Investing in Hive. Not like I've invested a whole lot myself, I haven't. I'm currently trying to diversify my investments. When the time is right, I'll change some coins on ChangeNOW and bring some HIVE in here.


Wasn't much for me too, at least not in International terms. Locally, in another life, it may have been my monthly salary, had I been less fortunate like many others.

Didn't want to sell any of my other coins either, so that's why I did this one out of pocket. The dropped Hive price was also a good opportunity and maybe I'll buy more if it drops further.

When the time is right

To some extent, that is the right mindset. Don't rush or FOMO, and when the time is right, make your move.

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