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RE: Tribe vote multiplier tool now on LEO DEX.

in LeoFinance9 months ago

I've not seen this yet but confused on how it works. Does the multiplier effectively allow me to vote a post with 300% of my SCOT so that I can use all the SCOT voting power? For an example:

I have 100SP and 100LEO. I find I vote 1/3 of leo posts so I set the multiplier to 3. Does that mean when I vote a LEO post I'm effectively voting as 100SP and 300LEO?


It basically multiplies the vote weight by the multiplier for that token. Say you set a 10x multiplier for leo. If you then vote a leo post with a 10% vote, the outcome is a 10% hive vote and a 100% leo. It doesn't amplify your vote beyond 100 so if you votes a leo post 50% it would still be 50% hive, 100% leo.

Does that make sense @patrickulrich, i struggle sometimes clearly explaining things...

No that makes perfect sense. It was too early in the morning when I first read it so I didn't process it right. 😆 Reading this comment makes perfect sense what you meant.

I was taking all votes would be multiplied so when you were distributing 100% it woudl still find a way to multiply it. I couldn't figure out how it was doing that since I was pretty sure I knew the SCOT code wouldn't allow for those kinds of votes.

This makes much more sense now. Thank you for putting up with my sleepiness.