HIVE regains ground and increases by almost 17%.

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Very good news we are seeing at HIVE!

At last the value of our crypto is increasing and although it still does not reach the values of a few months ago, today it has recovered a little more than 15% compared to yesterday.

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The sharp correction in the price of BTC has caused many investors to exit BTC and go to ALTCoins to safeguard their value in BTC and maximize their holdings in this currency when the correction stops and the market turns bullish again.

Personally, I believe that this important correction in the price of BTC is very healthy to consolidate higher and higher lows, although many investors will get scared out of the ecosystem because of their short term vision.

Now that our currency is rising, the responsibility of each one of us is vital, so that it does not look like garbage in front of potential investors.

I believe that beyond today's rise, the HIVE should significantly improve its price due to the large number of projects that give value to the HIVE ecosystem, and which have not yet been perceived by third party investors.

It is time for all of us to assume our role as intelligent investors so that HIVE can become what we all dream of.

This has just begun and I think that the value of our currency has a very good projection into the future. Today's price is very low compared to what it will be worth.

Let's go with HIVE to the moon.

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It's 15 cents.. let's no get excited..

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it's just a take-off! It's much better than seeing it in the 11.5/12.5 cent range don't you think?

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It's the right direction for sure.. let's see it hit .50 then I'll start getting excited

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Undoubtedly, an increase of almost 24% at this point in time is extraordinary, but we need it to continue rising.

This will require the commitment of all investors not to go out and sell all the HIVE we have because we alone will make the value go down.

For other investors to see our currency as attractive, we are the ones who must send the message to them. It is useless to have the HIVE at 0.50 usd for a few weeks and then base at levels like those of a few days ago.

For others to perceive that HIVE has value and is attractive, we, the holders of the currency, must demonstrate it.

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