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RE: Blockchain Governance Models | Should Steem Governance Model Be Changed?

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In DPOS 51% of the stake does not give a stakeholder control of the blockchain. In order to take control you need 2/3 plus one of the top witness positions. The 51% figure only applies to POW or traditional POS.

This is all in theory since in practice voter apathy creates a situation where not all of the stake votes on block producers and you need much less stake to take control. If it wheren't for that soft fork 0.22.2 would not have been necessary since steemit only has ~30% of the staked steem.


Yes true the 51% is a figurative speech for taking control of the blockchain.

That is way its marked with italic ... but maybe quotes should been better :)

The overall staked STEEM is around 210M. The share of known SP to Steemit is around 60M SP + 5M liquid. This is on chain stake.