Call me crazy, but I'll be a millionaire thanks to cryptocurrencies

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Call me optimistic, crazy, deluded or whatever you want, but I am of the firm conviction that those of us who use cryptocurrencies today are visionaries, and we will be the millionaires of the future, yes, of a not too distant future. This is so because believe it or not, even at the present time, those of us who believe and use cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, can consider ourselves pioneers in the use of cryptocurrencies.


Many factors support my opinion and conviction, but today I will only mention one of them, the fact that more and more people, governments and institutions and companies worldwide are joining its use.

And believe me, it is a mistake to think that the ship has already sailed and that those who have not become millionaires with cryptocurrencies from 2009 to this part will no longer be.

I am not the type of person who wants to use cryptocurrencies just out of fanaticism, while still living a normal life just as I would with fiat money. No, I think we human beings need to think big.

No, for my part I will continue to invest in cryptocurrencies and trade with many of them, because in my opinion, both Bitcoin and many of the altcoins are a fantastic opportunity to become a millionaire, I really think about it and I know that I will achieve it. And believe me also when I say to those who are using cryptocurrencies, learning about them and attentive to the market, that now is when great opportunities to become a millionaires thanks to crypto will come, now is when great opportunities for success will come for us crypto believers and crypto users ..

Also I tell you, I for my part continue to learn about the cryptocurrency market and trying to make better and wiser investments every day. I consider myself a millionaire in essence right now and I know I will be, because I was not born to be poor, and what do you tell me about you?

This is an opinion text and not investment advice. That should be clear.

I hope you found my opinion useful and my post entertaining. See you


I do not find this viewpoint to be crazy at all. In fact, it is my exact perspective.

I wrote a number of posts (and did some videos) over the last couple years detailing this exact point. I used the same metric (millionaire) since it still means something in all parts of the world, especially in cash.

I keep harping upon the idea of keep building up one's holdings, in whatever tokens are attractive to one. The idea of being rewarded in tokens, I think, is the breakthrough for humanity since most of the world has little to no fiat to buy it.

We are at a point in time where people have tremendous opportunities to change their financial fortunes. In short, I believe we are entering the Age of Abundance.

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Exactly, that is my point of view, that is, I also believe that we are entering an age of abundance thanks to cryptocurrencies, but for those who know how to see, understand and use them. Thank you very much for reading, voting and commenting on my publication. Regards