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RE: Call me crazy, but I just bought about 25k HIVE

in LeoFinance3 months ago

I was waiting for gates to open on Huobi for maybe 6 weeks. But 2 days ago, once I heard the massive troubles Huobi is facing, I sold all my 55K HIVE there, at 20-30% loss, and withdraw everything from HUOBI. My acct there is now $0.00 Let them go to hell.

I've survived Mt.Gox and 13 other exchanges where I was trading, which were hacked, and/or scam-exited or hell know what else.
I could not let this HUOBI to be my first unsuccessful exchange.

So keep in mind - your cheap Hive there is facing a big big risk.
I maybe wrong . Just old hug's opinion

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As long as they keep all withdrawals open, I don't see why there would be any risk. Even if their COO is truly under investigation, doesn't mean the funds will disappear.

Thanks for the concern, I understand that it is risky. If I lose my hive I guess I'll learn the hard way :/