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RE: Demystifying HIVE: Expectations

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I appreciate this opportunity that our friend @slobberchops gives us to share my little experience of the short time I have been in Hive... I came to Hive watching a
program or podcast of a fervent supporter of bitcoin, the name of the program is KEISER REPORT, the moderators are Max and Stacy, a couple who both lived in for many years on the NY Stock Exchange.
With so many months of confinement and an uncertain future, in the interim of seeing the ceiling every day, a ceiling that I have painted black for work reasons and for my job as a photographer, doubts began in relation to what the money was really about. What was happening with traditional money, what was the world of cryptocurrencies, how important is digital money, what is Fiat money ...? As you can see, I was sailing in unknown waters until that moment, fortunately, I discover KEISER REPORT and his guests that day by day they were clearing my doubts, (and of course other publications and investigations) and coincidentally one of those guests in a program spoke about the bifurcation of Steem and the birth of Hive, he touched on the interesting thing about the birth of Hive and its decentralization, he also talked about how to monetize our content, that was the click that took me directly to Hive thinking that it would be a good way to generate a source of income, especially from the need to help fill the fridge weekly. But it has not been that easy, I confess that I have become a student of the Hive protocols, at first its structure and dynamics have surprised me, I am still familiar with its route map and everything it offers you to be more efficient, I understood that I should investigate and see the experiences of successful Hive bloggers, get involved with the communities that are part of this project, know where I can apply to show my content and have good results ... it has not been easy, but I can to say that this has become a job for me, a job that I did not have due to the collapse of the world economy.
In my case, I feel that my stubbornness to find answers to the world that will come, to the uncertainty that we all carry inside, makes Hive my best refuge, and I have learned that this is not a project to fill your pockets, it is an ecosystem where You can make life and grow little by little to strengthen yourself in the face of that uncertainty that the world presents us.
I hope that if someone gives you this little experience, they will give you the strength not to die trying ... I send you a big hug and a lot of strength. Cheers


I hope you don't find it too much of 'a job', it's supposed to be a creative outlet.. that's how I look at it.

It doesn't really seem like too much work to me, of course it has taken me time to understand all the tools that Hive offers, the sensation of learning great, actually I am happy with the Hive world.
My father used to say: "those of us who are behind the wave, when we come back we will be on the crest" and I am betting on that thought, which deep down is a very similar thought to the HIVE project ... Thank you for replicating my answer to your good article ... nice to meet you @slobberchops ... Greetings