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Some great changes rolling out on Leofinance lately. If you don't live under the rock you know about linear rewards.

In my opinion, this will bring a lot of positive things to the platform.

People will read and curate. No rush. More small authors will get the rewards and it will be bigger. Less bot voting. People will be incentivized to buy leo and power it up. The price of LEO token will go up.


Now is the time for big stakeholders to spread out the rewards to as many authors as possible. Especially to newcomers.

But those small guys shouldn't immediately dump the rewards as well.

And I hope the moderators will do their job.

We're at the breaking point.

Now is time to go out there and do your fucking job!!

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I think it was a great decision, precisely because we now actually have time to read the good stuff and reward it appropriately, without having to "clock watch" in order to maximize curation.

Curating should be about the content, not about trying to work with some algorithm...

I’m excited to see what happens :)

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It's on us to lead by example.

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just looked at leo for the first time after seeing your post

You can find some interesting financial advice here. A lot of crypto news and hints.

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May it's time for me also to start posting content here , as author. Not only votes+commenting.
I'll do it from my main acct . Maybe not all my 5+K followers are completely dead...

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I'm sure you have some good advice to share with us.

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I am alive. :)

No rush. Exactly.

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Hahhahha! Yes, it can be a good decision, to be implemented maybe on HIVE as well.

Expect fair curation for new members, and always look at the authenticity of writing to vote for new members.
it is inevitable that most curators now vote only for the authors they follow even though their writing is not completely original.

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Tbh this is a big change and if it goes out successfully than who knows even HIVE might follow this way as well. Fingers crossed :)

I am following this line of thinking an curating more, as well as planning to generate more content on Leofinance. I am excited to see what happens,changes are like evolution, use it to get an edge and thrive.

Leo is stepping up and leading the way. We are seeing a lot of progress.

Give it another couple months and we will see a totally different site.

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