Sports Card Investing - 2

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This will be my first post on #LeoFinance usisg my main account. I made one previous post under an alt account (@tukes-mtn-ent) but have decided to go with my main for now. At any rate, on with the post.


Here is a screenshot of the updated chart showing the PWCC 500 top cards vs the S&P 500. PWCC is an auction house that does a high volume of sales on E-bay with mostly graded cards. They have a good following and a reputation for being able to get top value for your cards.

My last post dealt mostly with me grading and selling cards that I had since I was a kid. This time I will look at how I am doing with investment in some garage sale pick-ups of cards. A couple summers ago I was able to get about 5,000-6,000 cards for about $200. While a lot of these cards probably have about zero value, I was able to find some to sell on E-bay raw (ungraded).

Here is a screen shot of an Excel file I created to track my sales on E-bay. It took a while but I have made about $300 profit so far. Not spectacular but at least I am on the plus side. Now for the good part, at least for me. 😃 I recently came across of few possible gems while going through the cards.


No, unfortunately it wasn't any of these cards that help make up the PWCC 500 index. I think finds like these at garage sales are pretty much unheard of any more. My find was a little less spectacular but still MIGHT turn out to be somewhat lucrative.

I ran across four unopened boxes of 1989 Topps "Traded" Series. These boxes that contain 132 cards also contain what is considered to be Ken Griffey Jr's rookie card for Topps. Based on the chart below, and mainly the last 4 sales, I decided to go ahead and get these cards graded. After they are graded and returned to me I will have an additional $50 some dollars into each card.

The following data was gathered from PWCC Market Price Research and the graphs were made by me in Excel.

Now there is no guarantee that these cards will come back graded a 10. There are four Factors to the grade - Centering, Edges, Corners, Surface. I can check the centering and be reasonably sure it meets the criteria of a 10. Other than obvious imperfections the other three grading criteria are a little subjective. The grader may see things a little differently than I do. My hope is since they came from sealed boxes that those three grading criteria should be in good shape. And looking at the population report below from the grading service Beckett, should all 4 factors come back a 10 I would be in possession of a 1 of a kind card. A guy can dream can't he? 😀


At any rate there is no financial advice being given here. As always do your own research. Just trying to share a little information on my experience.😀

Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day!

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