Re-Positioning Myself For LBI Token Rollout

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The Spark


When I read this post by @jk6276 I was excited and wanted to get more information! I have been looking for something to invest in recently and this SPI like clone, based in LEO, seems to fit the bill for me.

My History With SPI

I joined the SPI investment club and started buying tokens at its inception some 20 months ago. I was just starting to make some headway as an author on Steem/Hive and had a little liquid Steem/Hive that allowed me to invest in SPI. While I still have a lot to learn about cryptocurrency investing, back then I had little knowledge beyond blogging and earning tokens that might be worth some dollars. I had never made any trades or bought any crypto using fiat. I had no idea how to use an exchange and quite frankly it seemed intimidating.

SPI allowed me to start investing without having much knowledge and a little piece of mind that others in the club had experience and knew what they were doing. I now have 200 odd SPI tokens, most of which were acquired at around 1-1.5 Steem/Hive per token. Today SPI tokens are over 4 Hive per token and seem to keep climbing. SPI has always been about slow and steady growth and for me at least it has delivered on that promise.

spi g.PNG

Re-Positioning My Assets

So, with the manual issue of LBI tokens starting on Dec. 7th, that gives me a couple weeks to start acquiring some liquid LEO. I started a power down of both Hive and Leo and plan to use all I get out of that in the next 2-3 weeks to purchase as much low priced LBI as I can. I have also sold off several other small holdings that weren't really doing much and have already converted them into LEO. I also may invest a little of the BTC I have accumulated or maybe even some fiat. In the end I hope to be able to invest about 5x what I have in SPI and let it HODL and see what happens. :)

More information here: Official LeoBacked Investments Initial Post - @lbi-tokens

As always this is not financial advice. Just my experiences and thoughts about my future invstments. Feel free to comment and ask questions. Thanks for reading. :)

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We are looking to replicate the success of SPInvest. A 4x from the start 20 months ago is sensational.

Even if we do half of that over 20 months with LBI, it will be a major winner. Of course, we could find more people to get active in LBI which could help to deliver oversized returns.

It is an initiative that can help many people if they will get involved.

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I totally agree. I think the SPI model inside the Leo Finance environment with its strong involvement and interaction gives LBI a shot at being a solid investment. I guess only time will tell. :)

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