My New Cub Finance Strategy and Leo Bridge

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Here are the stats after my last harvest this morning as the CUB ratio goes to 1 per block.

cub harvest.PNG

Considering I got about 9 CUB in the airdrop I am happy to be at a little over 200 now. Of course I did a lot of research prior to launch and put myself in a good position to start earning CUB from the farms and den right as the doors opened. It didn't hurt any either that I was able to use some of my stimulus check in the first two weeks to help up my total CUB.

As a newbie to DeFi I was in, but still very ignorant of what was going on. Still am to a large degree. I have read about "impermanent loss" and other factors that affect my holdings. How moving funds around could maximize profits. While at some point I would like to learn and understand all the ins and outs of DeFi, right now I don't have the time and inclination to go there. As long as I am earning CUB I will probably just let things ride as they are. After all I expect CUB to go on a 5x, 10x, 50X pump at some point! :)

So while I was harvesting/compounding once or twice a day, I now plan to wait a week and see how the new CUB per block ratio is going to treat me over that time period. The only thing that may lure me into Cub Finance this week is trying out the new Leo Bridge feature. During the pre-launch phase of Cub Finance I did get some funds stuck in gas fee purgatory (to expensive to move) and hope Leo Bridge may be able to help me free up those funds.

At any rate that is my strategy for now. There is so much going on in the Hive ecosystem right now that I feel I need to spend time exploring and researching all the new things that are happening. I will just have to trust that I have a decent plan in place for earning CUB right now and spend some of my time and resources elsewhere.

Not financial advice by any stretch of the imagination. Just my latest ever changing strategy as I move through the cryptoverse. :)

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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Looks like pretty good financial advice to me. Even though the fees are small on cub finance they do seem to add up the more you harvest. I think once a week will be my new normal.

Even though the fees are small on cub finance they do seem to add up

I looked at my analytics on MetaMask and I had spent about $75 dollars on fees for some 250 transactions or around $.30 a TXN. Most of it was early on when I was learning and playing so not bad, but like you said it adds up.

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i am not even in 50 yet :P

really good job man

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Thank you! My stimulus check really helped me get a leg up.

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Nice strategy dear.. I'm also keeping all the liquidity that I entered i.e. in CUB-BUSD and bLEO-BNB; pushing all the CUBs that is farmed to the DEN.. hoping for a better future with cubdefi. cheers

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I think it will work. Plus I have high expectations for CUB so any bit I earn is going to be huge at some point. :)

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Good strategy and making the most of the first two weeks of farming and denning (if that's even a word) was a smart move. The bnb-leo pool still was about 1000% APR which seems like it's worth keeping going for a week or two longer. I'm not harvesting much any more now so just going to ride this one out and move some things around in April!

Obviously not financial advice, more just a blubbering of words in a comment 😁

The early bird/worm thing is one aspect I wanted to make sure I took advantage of. I will keep harvesting weekly and chart where things are going and adjust accordingly. Of course it is crypto world so any number of things could change and my plan would be in ruins. lol.

denning (if that's even a word)

If it isn't, it is now. :)

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Yes me too and think I've done as much as I can with the limited resources I have to make the most of the CUB start! We'll see where it takes us, hope it works out well for you!

Happy denning 😃

Same here. I'm expecting great things for us all!

I'm going to den like I've never denned before. ;)

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That is great but I wonder will there be a halving every week
in two months we may reach 20% ARP !

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Thank you!

I haven't heard of plans to go lower than 1 CUB per block for now but I guess that could always change. The APR could always drop due to more people joining the farms/dens, but I would think when that happens there would be a corresponding rise in price per CUB. :)

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Nice job on acquiring CUB and your strategy sounds... well. Sound.

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Thank you! Getting in early and having some stimulus money to throw around really helped. Now I just wait for the moon or possibly Mars. ;)

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Nothing wrong with you strategy. Adding and growing is vital.

It all feeds into our bags to push them higher when prices run.

We are sitting in a strong position right now. I hope to add a few more CUBs before things really take off.

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While I would always like more :) I'm actually a little surprised I got to over 200 in just a couple weeks from the 9 I received in the airdrop. I have learned though to never say never and that any plan I make is subject to change if the circumstances are right. :)

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Yeah I have decided to do the same actually . Stay quiet for a week and then harvest and compound it since I earn just 1-1.5 CUB a day .

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I'm glad some other people see it that way also. I'm kind of interested to see what kind of weekly return I might be able to expect by harvesting and compounding weekly.

BTW, I'm loving your Hive earnings stats program for checking my post rewards. With all the different tags/communities it's nice to have one spot to see them all at once and their Hive value. Great program! :)

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Oh I am very happy to hear that :) Glad you are finding it useful . Couple of others also mentioned they like it , if I find sometime this weekend I will try to include HBD and HP payouts for those posts too .

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