Finding TXN Fees on Binance Smart Chain - Newbie Content Alert :)

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This short post is for those like myself that are/were having trouble finding their TXN Fees for their Cub Finance activities. Not sure if this is the best way but it did give me a number. :)

Starting in MetaMask go and click on the three dots (account options).

mm account options.PNG

Then choose View in Explorer.

mm view in explore.PNG

At the next screen choose Analytics.

mm analytics.PNG

After that click TxnFees.

mm txn fees.PNG

Now you can see a page with some stats about your fees. There are also several other tabs there that will give you more information about your account.

Feel free to ask me any questions you might have and I will attempt to answer them... if I can. NFA. :)

Thanks for reading and hope this helps.

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Nice one on the quick tips! Have been trying not to harvest too much to save some bnb for when I need to use it, I dare not look at the moment haha

Thank you!

I have been doing the same but did go back in this week to buy more CUB and add to a farm. Couldn't resist the low prices. :)

Seeing the total txn fees did get me over the phase of pushing the "shiny new buttons" and made me think a little more about what I was doing. lol.

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It looks like that might have paid off for you - $2 was a good price! I thought I was getting a deal at $3.50 the other day but oh well, only going to check once per week now to do the things I need to and then down to once per month I reckon!

Yeah, the $2 CUB was too good to pass up. Of course I have some $5 CUB also but when it goes 10x-50x I don't think I will be sad. :)

only going to check once per week now to do the things I need to and then down to once per month I reckon!

Probably my goal too but I got a feeling Leo Bridge and then who knows what will destroy those plans. lol.

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Yeah man, I think those frowns will be turned upside down! But I'm probably just going to stake for the next 12 months as the APR is still very decent! Then see what happens after that but there's so much going on, it's like throwing spaghetti at a wall in my head, something might stick out of the millions of updates haha!

Lol, I think you're right, those plans will probably be fast on their way down the toilet soon!

Thanks for this. I've made a note your post and will have a look in metamask tomorrow. 😊

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Very cool! I hope it works for you. :)

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I just had a go using your instructions but find I am not logged into BscScan. Do I need to create a new account there or can I connect to it via Metamask some how?

Thanks for your help!

Please ignore this I connected via Metamask. 😊

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Please ignore this I connected via Metamask.

Yeah that got me the first time also. I made an account and then realized that going through MetaMask I was already looking at my data. Live and learn. :)

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Live and learn.

Or in my case, more often than not, it's live and learn and forget again! 😂

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Do you know choosing a best time where the fee is low ?

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I don't sorry. I have not done that extensive of a check yet. You can download a CSV file to Excel to see all your transactions. In step 3 above before you choose analytics, the Transactions tab has a list of all your TXNs (with time and fees). In the lower right is a download/csv export button.

For me it showed for 256 txns I averaged $0.31 per txn with a low of .006 to a high of .600. I didn't see any big difference between when the highs and lows might happen but then again like I said I haven't looked real close yet either. :)

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Thanks a lot for doing this. This will be pretty useful to get an overview of transaction fees.

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You are very welcome! I'm glad you find it useful. :)

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