Am I a FarmFarmer?

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When I saw the initial post about the upcoming FarmFarmer game I decided to jump in and spend a little liquid hive and some fiat. Mind you beyond what the post revealed I did little research and just kind of went for it. Just wanted to be in on the start of something for a change. :)


As of this writing, some 40 odd hours after the game went live, I haven't been able to mine any Farm yet as a screenshot of my wallet below shows.

A quick look at my "Mining Probability" above (.181%) shows a fairly low percentage that has continued to drop as more miners enter the game. At this rate I won't become a Farm tycoon any time soon. :)

So while things don't look great for me right now there are parts of the coming gamification that might change things. From what I understand once Farm Governance is implemented in the wallet the rate at which some miners mine could change. While I may not have much say it that change it will be interesting to see what happens. My miners may become harder workers and that either brings me more Farm or they become highly sought after on the open market.

For now I will just HODL them and see what happens. After all, everything I do on the blockchain is pretty new to me and a learning experience. Maybe there is some other use for these guys that I don't understand or hasn't been invented yet. :)

At any rate, please feel free to comment or ask any questions. I will answer them if I can.

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You've got a much better chance of mining something than I have, and not too much more value in terms of cards, the balance must have quite an effect.

But as you say, that can change, it's an interesting concept.

And you get to tell all your friends and family that you've now invested in a 'dynamic NFT yield farming' game.

Just in case you haven't already lost everyone with crypto-babble, that should finally do the trick!

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Very cool! I am in a 'dyNFTyif' game. There, that will help confuse them even more. ;)

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