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Good Morning

Technically, I am not new on the Hive chain but new to Leo Finance. I have been on Hive for a long time and have heard about Leo’s transition from erst-while avatar on the other blockchain to now. Many authors that I follow have written about the Leo ecosystem and how it works well for the community.


So, here I am to take the plunge. I must admit that I have used the LEO tag before for a few of my articles but never posted from the Leo Finance front end. This would be my first. But what a surprise the site is!! Well done, team!

I write on crypto projects, games, health, well-being, formula 1, and the likes. So, you will see me posting any or all of the above areas. Well, that’s it.

I think the beauty of an introduction is keeping it short and sweet, while my writings hereafter can do the talking. I guess that would make sense. 😊



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Welcome from Crypto and Finance!
May I read about your Crypto and Finance content.

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Thank you @tin.aung.soe

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Welcome here ! Take a seat, make yourself comfortable ;)

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Hello @hykss,

Thanks! Nice to meet you again! :)

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It's never late for leofinance.

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I guess so.. 😁 😁