Arena Lead Summoner, Mother Khala Quest

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Peace Hivees,

My daily quest in Splinterlands has started with the life summoner that holds the most advanced point of experience. The season has reached its seventh day and our progression is not slowing a bit. The gold league battles present challenges but the current strategies put in place have not shown acceptable results to guarantee high rewards. The collection rate has diminished since our previous quest by almost 30%. Therefore the Dark Energy Chrystal "DEC" collection today is lower than 40 DEC each victory. Besides, the tournament battles have resumed which means proper time to test strategies and learn more from fellows players.





Unexpected fire power

My daily quest has some conditions which were centered on the life summoners as the team lead to five victories regardless of the rules of battles. Mother Khala was the only level four summoner of the type of Life that can compete in this league.
The opposite side of the board on this quest fired back really hard. Although the losses exceed the victories we managed to complete this quest in twelve heated battles. I must admit that as the day goes each player is getting stronger and more technical on the board. ___








Life series of cards in the game seems to be the strongest pack of cards compared to the same level of Water, fire, death, or earth series. The dragon series are rare and powerful but the life series combination of abilities change rapidly the balance of power. My preferred summoner in the life series of cards is The Peakrider. Peakrider has protected my team countless times during tournaments, ranking battles, and challenges.

Chance to win the quest






------------------------------ yj7rf8.png ------------------------------

The rewards unveiled at the end of our quest had few cards which will add to the strength of our Death and Water packs. We counted within the eight prizes given as many potions as DEC.
There are many interesting cards in the bid market. If you are patient enough to afford those cheap cards your achievement in the league is going to inevitably improve. The combination of multiple cards especially from the Untamed Pack bought on the bid market empowers my team in different situations particularly the tournaments. The strategies have a better impact and assure safe progression in the Gold league.

Source: Hive-engine

Dark energy Chrystal on the Hive-engine market is still very low when we analyze the DEC chart against Hive. The price a the time of publication of this post is around 0.0016HIVE per DEC.

In the comment section please share a screenshot of your favorite battles. Your picture should have both team cards and the ruleset displayed. In addition, your Splinterlands active account should be mention for the purpose of winning 500 DEC if your comment is randomly selected. Our winner will receive his reward seven days after the publication date

We would like to thanks all the participants and the future winners.

Thanks for reading this post and spend sometimes on our blog.

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