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RE: $80 Billion to Steal 800

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I don't live in the States, and I don't involve myself too closely with politics there, focusing instead on my local area.

But what I do know is that the government has a legal right to tax people, so labelling it as "theft" is objectively wrong, and really drags down the quality of this post.

Also, printing money leads to dilution for the rich as well as the poor. In fact, it will affect the poor even more because they are more sensitive to rises in inflation.

Overall, while I think many of your posts are excellent, I really find this one very weak. Crypto has huge potential, but the technology (and its associated strategies for supply control) isn't a solution for every problem in the world. This post really tries to imply otherwise, and actually made me a little more sceptical about crypto and this platform as an outsider.

I won't downvote it, but I'll give my honest opinion: I don't think this is a particularly good post.

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