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RE: Is your NFT illegal?

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A couple posts ago I said I believe the foundation is a bit shaky when it comes to NFT and my art. When I arrived back here after being away from the cryptosphere entirely for a long while, I saw people calling it a scam. Not just here, of course. But I did see comments like, "I hate artists." And part of the reason I've become so disillusioned with crypto lately is because of crap like you mention here. I feel like somehow, someone out there will squander the potential and ruin it for honest artists and entertainers who are so goddamn fed up with being taken advantage of by a seemingly endless supply of hands dipping into the profits.

It's bad enough digital art was always labelled 'cheating' but nobody ever f'n said I'm cheating for not using a pen to write this comment. Could get a deal in retail, sell a million units and maybe see 1% if I'm an idiot and actually signed that dotted line.

Worse case scenario someone comes along, f's it up with a stupid scam, then our saviors of humanity will come along and apply a special 'tax' and call it a deterrent. Then I'm right back to square one dealing with shady middleman and their half-truths.


upvotes your comment sadly

Yeah. There are really bad problems with dishonesty and people trying to capitalize into creative spheres.

Totally agree with your comment about digital art too. There is no cheating the effort my 3D animations that take multiple hours to stage and even more time to render.

I'm more of a cartoonist and like to be rough around the edges. I love how technology can help make things look so crisp and pure but damn, it doesn't happen just at the push of a button. I admire the basic Hive business model. Putting on a show and just having fun but it would be nice to expand.

And there's so much potential.

Funny thing is I've never really considered myself a visual artist. I'm much more of a musician than anything else.

That said, I have been working the past few years on improving my 2D/3D skills to be able to create better digital art.

And I totally get what you mean about putting on a show. That was the entire point of me making my Hot Potato NFT. It cost me 14HIVE to make an NFT that I had to, by the rules of the NFT, give away for free. An NFT with (humorous) negative value.

Funny sidenote: What if someone actually sells one of those. How does that effect my taxes? Lol #idunno #yolo

Probably just write that off as a temporary case of insanity.


Good call. Make it permanent. Qualify for benefits.

When it comes to art, I don't think there are any issues at all. It is when people use NFTs as a vehicle for other activities (raising funds, building shares like systems, and even money laundering). I could name a few but I don't want to be unfair and harsh.

Using NFTs to represent unique distinct objects (art or other limited items) is perfectly fair game.

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I hear you bud. Loud and clear. Anyway....

Any time you see a post about Hive going up, DRINK.

I'm sure there will be a lot. Luckily I don't drink.

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I don't really drink either but today, was different. Certainly won't be getting slammed though.

I know what post brought this post of yours on. Sometimes a guy just has to be honest. And sometimes it's ugly. But that's never stopped me before.

Later dude.

I honestly feel confused lol.

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Remember that time you made me load my guns? LOL!

You should expect it. There are always some lazy and dishonest people out to exploit other people's hard work and trust. Sadly I have to agree, then come along the "saviours" to "fix" the rules in favour of those very said dishonest people, because they have the lobbyists.