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RE: Hive: Providing Much Of What People Need

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I can't forget two publications I read on Leofinance that moved me a lot and in which the LEO token is involved, the first one was about a person who commented that he had accumulated so many LEO tokens that he thought he could pay the whole mortgage of his house, The other story was a Nigerian boy who was very excited to show the smart phone he bought thanks to his efforts monetizing content on Leofinance and that thanks to the support of the community he will be able to pay his school fees, the truth is that this last one made me cry but with happiness. This kind of personal stories are very common and leofianance has a lot to do with it.

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I am looking forward to hundreds of stories like that over the next couple years here on Hive and Leofinance. It is there for people.

We need to keep spreading the word about that; about how we are changing lives.

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