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RE: The value of Hive cannot measured by it's token price.

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Really can't see how Hive would go down to below the bottom at 10 cents again unless there's severe whale dumping but to be honest, there's so much happening here, the projects that are rolling out building on HIVE, Leo tapping into various different chains as well, we're getting the marketing proposal approved (hopefully) and more eyes on what's being built. Could be spectacular for 2021 but this is crypto...

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We are in a much better position now than ever before. The whales that we have are more dedicated to the cause and a lot of them are running businesses on the chain.

We might hit a hard bear market again but I can see the sell pressure changing by the end of the year to buy pressure. The people left now are long term and there is new blood filtering in. A few success stories will bring more builders and more users.

Love the optimism, hope it comes to fruition! See you at 100k!