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RE: Self sovereign digital identity.

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It's scary how willing a lot are to give their data and privacy away to social media sites and other platforms that need your permission to create an account. It's that "I have nothing to hide" argument again...

With web3, it's a totally different paradigm and probably a gulf or chasm that's too big to be bridged at this moment in time but with Leo's Project Blank looking to make onboarding and setting up accounts even easier than before, we're looking at some incredible prospects and having a familiar experience compared to what is out there in Web 2.

Peakd also looking slick now with its side bars and additional improvements rolled out today. I'm loving it mate!

Also, you've been on a monster power up streak! Holy shit, nice one! You in a rush to get to 100k or something? Haha

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People don't have anything to hide until they do. Look at how many innocent tweets are reappearing 8 years later and costing people massively in their real life. Out of nothing at the time.

Everybody here in this space can see the change that is coming. It's inevitable and the only real question is if hive can capture a part of that market or not. Because somebody definitely will.

That is why I'm powering up like a boss. 100k for xmas. I'm not even doing much lately, focused on my #leo for now but i have been posting better content more frequently and it builds up fairly fast. I don't like buying at this price as i was used to getting it at 12c. 😂 It feels wring even though it's still massively cheap for the price.

Lol, yeah that's true. The internet doesn't forget and can so easily take things out of context in this day and age!

Hopefully hive can capture some of it - you look at what LEO are doing and I really think it will be a matter of time before other tribes on H-E will look to emulate what they're doing, tapping in to all kinds of different markets and it will just take one influencer or group of investors and could be fireworks!

I've been focusing on LEO too in prep for these airdrops but there's other interesting projects happening as well. Hoping to make the most of it and build up stake in a few tokens I'm interested in - the price of HIVE is getting expensive mate! May have to just get to 100k organically from here on out haha!

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