The value of money.

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All money comes with a value tied to it but that is simply turning everything in life into a digit or number. You can put a price in dollars relative to most items in the world such as property, products gold or even Bitcoin. Money then is only as useful as what it can buy for you.

The main problem with this in my opinion is that as soon as you reduce something to another number then it loses its true value. In my mind, worth and value are two very different things with two very different numbers.
In this day and age where most transactions are going digital, that process is being sped up even more than it was naturally going to be.

If I were to hand you $100 then its worth is $100.
That is the numbers side of the game and to some people the most important part of it. However to a starving family that $100 is food and shelter for the night. Another day of life and another chance to do better tomorrow. That is the actual value of the money.

Even more than just the value, it is the value to them. To a millionaire its value is just another bottle of wine or a nice tip to the waiter. While the worth of $100 is the exact same on both cases, the value to the two different people is exponentially different.

Too many people get lost in the worth of the money instead of seeing the true value behind it. In a modern and fast paced life, it is truly shocking to see how many people are struggling to make ends meet on a daily basis. How that $100 could be the difference between them and the streets every week.

In a world where 1% of the world’s population own 44% of the world’s wealth, something has gone very wrong. This level of wealth inequality is unsustainable and heavily skewed to create even more wealth for the people sitting at the top. With the money that they already have, it becomes even easier to sway people and governments in their favour which leads to the chance for more wealth creation. The playing field is not level and it seems to be reaching tipping point.

How can we as a society continue to operate in a space where individuals can be worth over $100 billion each but the people using their services or working in their businesses can end up on the streets?
Something has gone too far and it will take public and government pressure to make that change.

I have nothing against individuals becoming rich or enjoying success at what they do but when it is built on the broken backs of others or corruption within the higher circles then I will make my feelings well known about it. Unfortunately that change will probably not come from government level as these individuals with large amounts of wealth, tend to have the power and connections at their disposal to avoid pressure being mounted against them.

Where will change come from?


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Change will only come from within the community itself. As it stands we all know what is happening if we look behind the smokescreens that are presented to us.

Large corporations are buying up power and creating barriers to growth for regular people. Huge social media services filter our news and feed us content with the sole intention of making a profit and keeping us from looking behind the mirror.

Until people see this and consciously decide it is not for them, these practises will continue to operate as successfully as they have in the past. For this to change we will need people willing to take on the current government structures in place and build newer, better, modern practises that encourage transparency and equality for its citizens.

Change will only come when people are willing to take the fight to the companies that have killed off our businesses and replaced the chance to build a future with the certainty to be a part of theirs.

Large corporations will sell you on their cheap prices and the worth of their products but they will never show the true value for what you are giving them.

The value to them is not just in the money you give them but the time, attention and opportunity that your attention is worth to them.

The first steps in this process will be for people to realise what is happening outside their bubble and look for alternative sources of information and from there alternative providers for what they already use.

The internet is the single most powerful tool for any company to utilize these days so it is vital that we change our practises online to stop feeding the ever growing monster that is the corporate world. The top level of society is filled with crooks of every shape and description with the only difference being their fancy suits and their ability to rob thousands of people daily instead of one at a time.

Going forward try to avoid the large players and their controlling entities. Find new decentralized versions of existing technology. Find new ways of spending money that will put it into more pockets rather than one. This will be our biggest challenge over the next decade as we battle for control over the current worldwide financial inequality that is growing wider ever year.

Thankfully we are now seeing new systems being put in place to take the control and power out of the hands of a few and put it into the hands of the many. New financial institutions, digital currencies and decentralized social media will be the basis of change going forward.

We should have control over our value and our finances and not be dictated to by banks, companies and corporations as to what we see and what we are allowed to do.

If we want our autonomy back it will take the people to change their mindset and push back against the dangerous precedent being set by governments against free will and freedom of choice.

Part 2: Change your spending habits. Coming soon.

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I really like your thoughts! I too talk about the properties of sound money. I am excited for part 2! Not a lot of people are gonna want to hear it but they need to!

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There are so many angles to uncover when talking about money and it's properties. I personally like to investigate our attitude towards it and how we operate as a society but there is huge scope to follow up on the economics and future of money as well.

People need to change their attitude to money sooner rather than later if they want a chance to be successful in this life. unless we see change, the rich will only get richer and the middle class will be squeezed out of existence.

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Sure. Those who hold their savings in their native FIAT currency will be squeezed out. The rich get richer because they hold their value in MONEY (Gold, Silver, Crypto) and Assets! I like your content!

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For many people in and around platforms like Hive, we've seen through the bullshit and try to get our own piece of the pie. Personally, I don't think the manipulative ways of big corporations like Twitter and Facebook is corrupt; I mean, they have all those long terms and conditions that most people don't give a fuck about but they actually use to scam unsuspecting victims.

If anything, I'd say they have an elaborate operation that circumvents all ethical views and then goes a step further by making people believe that they're providing a very important service. This is why most people don't give a fuck about the fact that they're farming information and making billions from it

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For many people in and around platforms like Hive, we've seen through the bullshit and try to get our own piece of the pie.

We are the early adopters and the ones trying to build anew pie. You will never win by playing their game as the hold all the cards so that is why we are now trying to change the rules and build a totally new game.

Corrupt or not, the current system is not sustainable and we are seeing it start to tip over slowly but surely. More and more people are waking up to the fact that they are not in control of their lives and that it's all part of the bigger picture for these companies profit margins.

It will start with a trickle and become a wave.

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The next ten years are going to be very interesting, particularly because we'll be frontrunners of the new age that is to come.

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We will see a lot happen in this space over the next few years. It's going to be exciting times as more and more people find their way into this space.

Good thing we are already here and watching it happen.

I think that you made some good points here. The change, indeed, needs to come from within the community. And I think that we will need technology to lead this bloodless revolution in the economic distribution model of the world. The change will have to come gradually but it will be attained eventually and ultimately.

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The change will have to come gradually but it will be attained eventually and ultimately.

This is exactly how I feel about the subject. I think that it is starting now with a slow but steady trickle away form large corporations and mainstream sites to new and more open forums for discussion.

As more and more people move away, the platforms will become better and the content will become more appealing. From there it will draw over the rest of the users just like Facebook did so long ago to the first social media sites.

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For me that $100 represents a computer, a router and an rj45 cable, which can help me generate much more than $100

And a real change will not come from people, because they always try to wait for it and it never comes, rather it gets worse and worse. In a very short time we will see a real change, where there is neither poor nor rich, neither problems with food nor greed. We just have to be patient.

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For me that $100 represents a computer, a router and an rj45 cable, which can help me generate much more than $100

Now that is an even better use for the money. It can be the opportunity to earn even more and change your direction in life.
Money leads to opportunity as we all know how it can grow exponentially with the right moves.

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I agree with you here Niall! Value is the perspective of the receiver of what that monetary number is worth. I remember the days when I was happy to see 5p on the floor... Still am actually! But to others, probably would just walk past it, same 5p, different perspective!

I'm starting to see more people start to tune out of the mainstream social media because of what's getting fed in their news feeds constantly. You browse a topic that appears just out of interest one time and it's all you ever see. It will take someone and their group of friends to move over to another decentralised site together though, not in ones and twos. They won't go if their mates aren't unfortunately and if they are disgruntled enough to change.

Remember people's self-interest factors into it too. If they haven't been deeply riled enough to change habits then they will carry on the path of least resistance.

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I never say no to extra money. That's why i keep a big pot in the bedroom for throwing small coins into. Every year or so I turn it over and hundreds of euro magically appear. Nothing wrong with taking all those 5c as they all add up over time.

It will take someone and their group of friends to move over to another decentralised site together though, not in ones and twos.

This will be a big turning point as people start to hear more about what can be done on sites that have been built to resist censorship and how you can earn from online activities. It will take a while to sink in but when it hits it will be fast.
For me I will keep going until my mates can see my success and then i feel that they will get a lot more interested in following in those footsteps.
That is why we need hive to keep growing so that others see our actions and follow behind us.

Playing devil's advocate. How many people do you know are really feeling the pain of being censored? Sure, if you are a content creator and having some content taken down and accounts closed is a massive shitter, but for the vast majority of people who just share memes, cat videos, bottles of wine and their dinner... Is a "censorship resistant" blockchain database really what they are looking for?

People may join for the monetisable aspect of it but I know a lot of people just don't get it with the complexity, it's like it's some dark magic and they just fall for the mainstream narrative all the time.

A long way to go with it still but there'll be a tipping point I'm sure where things become easy and more people just get involved if they become disgruntled at current offerings.

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I can see that things are starting to change when look at cryptocurrency on the other hand. Thses same people are trying all they could to stop the financial revolution that is taking place and I believe with time and effort of everyone together we will bring things to balance. Bitcoin is changing that real soon, also as we can see with the hive and leofinance plans for the future, I'll say it's a great start.

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Change will be needed and it's a big numbers game. If enough people change their lifestyles then the business will follow them. The only reason that actors get paid millions per movie is because we fund those prices. If everybody stopped going to the cinema then they would be paid a reasonable wage to appear in a movie.

The same goes for banks and business. If we all refuse to play their game then they need to adapt to our wants or get pushed out of the market. Apple is only valuable because people are paying for the brand at a premium to the product.

Hopefully we will see more people use crypto for transactions and cut out these institutions. It will happen but won't be fast or easy.

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Yeah that's true in some country with 1 dollar you can get lots of done but in some it's nothing

That is very true. $1 dollar American means a lot of different things in a lot of different places. That is why hive based sites are very interesting places as a few dollars earned here can be worth a weeks wages in some countries. What more incentive could you need to get involved.

P.S That's also the Irish flag. The Indian one is slightly different with the colors on the horizontal instead of from the side like ours.

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Good read.

People know price of everything. Value of noting.

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That's exactly it. Price doesn't equal value. There are some things that it's hard to put a price on but are worth the world.

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mote valuable Thing in this earth that is HUMEN

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Having the right people in your life is worth more than any amount of money.

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Totally agree!!!

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Thanks you.

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You are from Ireland but logo is Indian flag

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just wirte scr

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What do you mean by that??
Just curious.

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Exactly how I see things.

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As it stands we all know what is happening if we look behind the smokescreens that are presented to us.

Governments and big financial institutions are linked, always have been. Kings have always had to suck up to the robber Barons. This will never change. It is how the game is played and those rules don't change.

My Nation is currently in an absolute uproar. Why? Follow the money.

In order that I don't go completely mad, I try to remember this meditation from thousands of years ago...

Two things I ask of You—do not refuse me before I die:

  • Keep falsehood and deceitful words far from me.
  • Give me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with the bread that is my portion...

— Excerpt from Proverbs 30: The Bible

I have need to follow the wisdom of the above quote a great deal more. Things have not really changed that much in society.

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