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With the upcoming launch of “project blank” from the @leofinance team we might finally have that application to bring in large numbers of users.
Most people aren’t into blogging but do love fast and interesting social media content. They like to customize their feed to show them where to find longer pieces but it’s all about the short and sweet intros to get them interested.

As we can see from Twitter, tiktok and Facebook. People have very short attention spans and love to get fed small pieces of interesting or funny content. If they like what they see then they can follow it further to news sites, articles, blogs ect...


It’s all about the interaction and especially the comments section. There is often a lot more effort put into the comments of a piece than there is in the piece itself. People love drama and conflict so that is where they will find it. There is no drama to be had in reading an article on corona virus but there is great fun to be had in the comments debating about it.

I have recently started using like so many other people on hive and found it a great source of information and entertainment. No effort required just short content and people having fun. No flags, fights, ads or any other negatives on a social side. The site itself is a bit shit but that is another problem. It does however show a gap in the market for a good social media site that is simple and fun to use. No effort and no flags especially. This is a site that I can use to introduce my friends to the world of crypto but I haven’t. Not yet anyway as I want them to join hive through PB. From what I have seen, has gained over 50k active members in the past month and it’s easy to see why.

They are a gateway to earning crypto for using social media. It’s rough and ready but the vision is there. They are bringing in the lowest common denominator first and that is crypto experienced people. This is smart marketing. People who have wallets, know about crypto and want to find new and exciting projects.

As much as I love hive and know it’s true potential, It’s still far too complicated for most people to jump into. We need tours, instruction manuals and discord rooms just to blog. That will never sell to regular people.

Targetet marketing.

We have some people making huge efforts to market hive on twitter but honestly a lot of it is being done in the wrong way and comes across as very spammy. This is nothing against the hard work and time that they are putting into spreading the hive brand but having 20 comments on an individual’s post shouting at them to join hive or that hive will fix all of their media problems is both wrong and ineffective. Some are doing it very well so there is a balance to be struck here.

I have seen a lot more twitter users speak out against this than I have of anybody joining the eco-system. This is not smart marketing and brings down the hive brand.


Everybody here has ownership of the hive eco-system by holding the token and as such it would be great to think with a business head from time to time. I love to see people shill hive when they are asked for an opinion or a new listing competition. I love seeing it brought up casually or linking an interesting post to a relevant article. I hate seeing a big personality taking about crypto and getting 30 messages telling them to buy #hive. If somebody has already made the point in the comments. It doesn't need 30 more people to do the same. That just dilutes the message.

There is no offence meant to anybody trying their best to market hive but with project blank about to launch soon it might be time to start thinking about how to get it off the ground.

“Project Blank”

The big hope for 2021 on hive.

We are hoping that it will open the floodgates and bring in users in the tens of thousands. That it will fix all of our problems and send our bags to the moon. A one stop miracle cure for the issues that we have had the past few years.

Could it do this?

In theory yes.

But not by just by launching. With proper marketing, effort and time it could bring in thousands of users and gain traction with mainstream users and even a few influential voices in crypto. We do have a few of them on hive or were on hive so it wouldn’t take much for the right project. Over the years we ahve seen so many gread ideas start on hive but never take off as they were never marketed outside of the eco-system. The only real success so far is @splinterlands who have done a lot of marketing, partnerships and media work to promote the game. They know that building it is not enough, then you need to go and sell it.

Target people to bring to Project Blank.

A good old fashioned OG hunt.

We have over 1.4 million wallets linked to the hive blockchain. I have been here for almost 4 years and have seen so many people leave for various reasons but they already have accounts. They understand blockchain and hive. They have crypto to play with and they should be the first priority when PB launches.
Even though most of my original contacts have left hive with a long time. I can still contact some of them through other means. I think that it would be great after the launch for everybody to try and bring back one or more OG user from the dark and get them active on hive again.

It’s the perfect time to do it and I have even seen a few return by themselves since the markets picked up again. Members like @pennsif and @blewitt were constant on my feed for a long time and it’s great to see them active again. Welcome back.

I can think of at least 10 more that were very active and might just need the right persuasion to get back and get addicted all over again. I would put together a competition and organize and OG hunt when we have PB to try and round up a few thousand users very fast. @theycallmedan is always a good man for making a big competition.

For PB to succeed it will be all about the interaction, tokenomics and interface that they present to the community. If they get this right it shouldn’t be hard to build a nice starting point to launch forward from.


There, I said it. STEEM is still there and still moving forward no matter how many people think that it isn’t. It might be shit. It might be centralized but it has an active userbase and a lot of accounts with a lot of STEEM that could become HIVE with the right persuasion. Make sure that everybody on the platform knows what we have and that it would be very easy to join it too. Make a few posts over there again, about the new project that launches. Make it very attractive and sell the product to their community. Contact a few of the on the fence users and try to bring them over to this side nicely.

I know that there is bad blood between some of the larger accounts and we all know about the Justin situation. So what would be a greater kick in the balls than to usurp his community, lower his token price and drive forward with the hive eco-system. Conflict is rarely good for business and welcoming back old users and bringing them into the fold would be a win in many different ways. From a business angle, it is always much easier to retain an old user than to bring in a new one.

Competitors. and twitter.

That is where we should be looking for new members to the eco-system and showing them a better way forward. Lots of articles, promotions, anything to entice them over to the new platform and keep them once they land. This is where I would be putting some marketing funds and showing people that there is a viable and better alternative to twitter if they just give it a try. If you can open the floodgates for the big names in crypto twitter then others will follow soon after.

As I said above. It is great to spread the word and to let people know what we have here on hive. It’s bad to be aggressive or spam about it. That will turn people off very fast. Lots of sharing posts about it. Bring it up casually in relevant conversations or even DM relevant people that might be interested in taking a look at the site. Keep it classy and keep it friendly. Even if people don’t agree with your views they are entitled to their own.

Network effect.

Lastly it is the family and friends section. I have held off shilling hive to all but a few of my friends as they know nothing about crypto and even the ones that do know haven’t gotten anywhere with hive. I’m sure a lot of you have had the same experience as myself. However I am hoping that this all changes now and that I can bring in a group of them together and have some fun. I have crypto WhatsApp's with friends and would love to get them involved straight away. I know that they have other groups from work, college, home and if they liked what they saw would bring in a hundred users very fast.


That is all it takes over time. There is a huge network effect and if we start bringing in people who love the experience. The next thing that they will do is to bring in more people after that. It’s all about a good user experience and that is one of the main reasons that none of the existing sites have taken off despite the rewards. The experience is fairly shit. No interaction, complicated to use, no fun to be had, more of a job than a social media app.

With all of this said. These are just my own personal thoughts on the new “project blank” app and something that has been floating around my head this week. I have no power over most of this and no influence over anybody reading this. It is just how I see the situation and would proceed forward once we have a launch.
I will still do the bits that are relevant to myself and hope that other take the same long term approach to bring in and retain new users to “project blank” and to hive in general.

I hope that we see a successful launch and a lot of old and new users to project blank and to hive itself.

Images from Pixabay.
All ideas are just personal thoughts..

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I believe that when I look at the success of, there is definitely some potential for project blank. It will probably make it much easier to join the ecosystem and I hope that more people will come to leo and hive because they like short form content.

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I think that we can bring all of those users over to hive if the app is as good as we hope it will be. Everything that the Leo team has dropped to date has been smooth and high quality so I think that it will be very good.

They have also mentioned a marketing plan for Leo coming soon too which is a big boost to the system and badly needed to increase awareness.

I'm currently working on my own marketing for ProjectBlank and should have it done here soon. But these are great methods for attracting people and I believe everyone should be on their game to engage with new people to the platform as well as inviting them to the platform.

It's going to take a lot of marketing and hours but honestly we as initial token holders on the air drop if we really believe in it should be focusing A LOT of time and resources to it. Your tokens are actually shares of "stock" in the project.

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You can never have enough marketing for a new project. Especially when the project is good and PB is exactly what the markets need right now.
People are crying out for it so we need to tell them that's its here.
We are investors, owners, users and everything in between so it's up to us to make it successful.

I like and twitter. Looking forward to project blank. I am an individual who likes small tidbits of news as I don't like to be over whelmed with to much information.

I like them too and that's what makes me so excited about this project. Something that could overtake them both and bring a lot of new users to hive fast.
Exactly what we need.

I really believe in the power of the network effect. I only recently started to learn more about crypto and invest in it and I found out many of my friends have just started doing the same so I've been trying to draw their attention to Hive.

Some are still a bit intimidated by it, with all the keys and stuff, but I'm trying to win them and spread the word little by little.

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Network effect is huge and if we can all bring 5 people into PB it would be a huge success. I'm hoping that PB makes it a lot simpler for people to get started in crypto and takes away the need for all the keys and learning at the start. That is where we lose most people in the first couple of weeks.

I hope that we see a successful launch too
It would be a big leap if it were implemented as it should

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Everything to date has sounded really good and they have a good track record with their projects so I'm hopeful for a big launch.

Have some influencers and you might take Project Blanck to the moon. The quality of the users is one factor that will drive the growth and if you want to tap into Twitter's market share we need to go for the big fishes. Still I wonder if the new token from Project Blank will be listed on any exchanges as that will be a critical factor as well for its success and world expansion.

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We have some big twitter influencers on hive already. WendyO, girlgonecrypto, Scott cunning ham ect... All with decent crypto followings. If they get to like tha app and spread the word then it wouldn't take much to gain traction.

It's most important to have it busy and fun when people do land to keep them coming back. Then the likes of us can bring in our friends and other people looking to get started in crypto and have a place to go to.

listen to a video on 3speak talking about this project and the truth that it is incredible and very amazing to promote the use of the community and increase the value of the tokens leo

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I think that everybody is very excited about the launch. They have been hyping it up for months and now we all want to see the results. That and the other teasers that they have given to the community should make for a big year ahead.

I like They gave free BCH, and the platform does not need to stake anything before earn reward. Twitter is just there first.

So how would you think ProjectBlank can attract user base when they don't have any investment yet.

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That's a good question. I like too because it's so simple to get started. I won't know until we see the app for PB but it will be up to the community to make sure that we spread out the rewards to a wide audience.
Maybe an initial delegation to new accounts u til they hit a certain stake?

Great post and great strategy.

Honestly. If the reward-system works even remotely like other hive tribes, it will demolish's puny rewards and get all the people, who are there for profit over.

I am very excited about this!

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I think the advantage in the end is that you can market the project much better than Leofinance or Hive. Maybe I'm wrong, but I can probably inspire someone for a "good Twitter alternative" rather than for a financial blog. Maybe that's a bit flippant, but in the end it fits my assessment quite well.

In any case, I'm very curious - even though I've never really been active on Twitter - I could imagine playing the barker a bit. Wait and see & drink tea. Meanwhile, practice a bit on

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